Date Loc Opponent Results Notes
Fri, Feb 18 vs Charlotte   Tampa, FL
Sat, Feb 19 at South Florida  
Sun, Feb 20 vs Connecticut   Tampa, FL
Tue, Feb 22 vs Xavier  
Fri, Feb 25 vs Dartmouth  
Sat, Feb 26 vs Dartmouth  
Sun, Feb 27 vs Dartmouth  
Tue, Mar 1 vs Morehead State  
Fri, Mar 4 vs Akron  
Sat, Mar 5 vs Akron  
Sun, Mar 6 vs Akron  
Tue, Mar 8 vs TCU  
Fri, Mar 11 vs Michigan  
Sat, Mar 12 vs Michigan  
Sun, Mar 13 vs Michigan  
Tue, Mar 15 vs Northern Kentucky  
Wed, Mar 16 vs Bellarmine  
Fri, Mar 18 vs Notre Dame  
Sat, Mar 19 vs Notre Dame  
Sun, Mar 20 vs Notre Dame  
Tue, Mar 22 vs Lipscomb  
Fri, Mar 25 at Boston College  
Sat, Mar 26 at Boston College  
Sun, Mar 27 at Boston College  
Tue, Mar 29 at Western Kentucky  
Fri, Apr 1 at Pittsburgh  
Sat, Apr 2 at Pittsburgh  
Sun, Apr 3 at Pittsburgh  
Tue, Apr 5 at Kentucky  
Fri, Apr 8 vs North Carolina  
Sat, Apr 9 vs North Carolina  
Sun, Apr 10 vs North Carolina  
Tue, Apr 12 vs Cincinnati  
Thu, Apr 14 at Florida State  
Fri, Apr 15 at Florida State  
Sat, Apr 16 at Florida State  
Tue, Apr 19 vs Kentucky  
Fri, Apr 22 vs NC State  
Sat, Apr 23 vs NC State  
Sun, Apr 24 vs NC State  
Tue, Apr 26 vs Western Kentucky  
Fri, Apr 29 vs Clemson  
Sat, Apr 30 vs Clemson  
Sun, May 1 vs Clemson  
Tue, May 3 at Vanderbilt  
Fri, May 6 at Wake Forest  
Sat, May 7 at Wake Forest  
Sun, May 8 at Wake Forest  
Tue, May 10 vs Indiana  
Fri, May 13 at Virginia Tech  
Sat, May 14 at Virginia Tech  
Sun, May 15 at Virginia Tech  
Tue, May 17 vs Eastern Kentucky  
Thu, May 19 vs Virginia  
Fri, May 20 vs Virginia  
Sat, May 21 vs Virginia  

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