The ACC Stretch Run Preview – ACC Baseball Etc.

ACC Baseball Etc.

On this episode of ACC Baseball Etc., Daron Vaught and Danny Graves look ahead to the final two weeks of the regular season, narrowing in on the four unclaimed bids to the ACC Baseball Championship in Charlotte as well as the favorites for the ACC’s Player of the Year and Pitcher of the Year awards.

01:40 Analyzing Team Standings and Tournament Predictions
06:35 ACC Pitcher of the Year: A Close Look at the Contenders
11:23 Debating the ACC Player of the Year: A Wide-Open Race
20:50 Exploring Dark Horse Candidates for ACC Player of the Year
24:28 Deep Dive into Player Performances and Predictions
26:46 Tournament Predictions and Team Analysis
36:48 Hall of Name: A Special Segment

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