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Wake Forest’s Return To Form, UNC’s Continued Success, More – ACC Baseball Etc.

ACC Baseball Etc.

On this episode of ACC Baseball Etc., Daron Vaught is joined by Dani Wexelman of ESPN and the ACC Network as the two discuss whether or not Wake Forest is “back,” how good North Carolina can be, what to make of NC State, and more.

02:27 ACC Baseball Deep Dive: Wake Forest’s Season Turnaround
04:39 Nick Kurtz’s Unstoppable Performance and Wake Forest’s Recovery
13:15 NC State’s Unpredictable Season and Freshman Impact
24:00 North Carolina’s Home Victory Streak and Postseason Prospects
28:24 The Unique Coaching Philosophy of Scott Forbes
30:04 Comparing Georgia Tech and NC State’s Season Trajectories
31:30 The Potential for ACC Teams in Regionals
32:39 The Heartbreak and Hope for Miami
35:15 Highlighting Individual Players and Their Journeys
44:35 The Significance of Family Stories in Interviews

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