UNC Wilmington's Landen Roupp (Aaron Fitt)


2020 Conference Wrap: Colonial Athletic Association


It’s still hard to believe the 2020 college baseball season is over after just four weeks of play. Most conferences didn’t even reach league play before the coronavirus halted the season, so it would be pointless to give out any legitimate awards or draw any sweeping conclusions from our meager sample size. With that in mind, we won’t be releasing a 2020 All-America team, or naming a national Player of the Year or Freshman of the Year.

But informally, we can still take a look back at those first four weeks and highlight some players who stood out. Keep in mind that nonconference strength of schedules vary dramatically, and four weeks really isn’t a long enough period to even determine how strong a given schedule truly was. With those caveats out of the way, here are some superlative picks for the Colonial Athletic Association, which played four weeks of nonconference action and had yet to reach conference play.

Here are the superlative categories:

  • Best Team
  • Most Surprising Team
  • Most Impressive Hitter
  • Most Impressive Pitcher
  • Best Senior
  • Best Freshman
  • Breakout Player
  • Breakout Pitcher


UNC Wilmington

College of Charleston (12-2) and Northeastern (10-5 with a nice road series win over Florida Atlantic) also got off to strong starts and notched some quality wins, and both appeared to be worthy contenders for the CAA title. But we’re going to stick with our preseason pick to win the league: UNC Wilmington, which got off to a good 11-5 start that was highlighted by a road sweep of Kentucky. The Wildcats weren’t exactly the class of the SEC, but they do have talent, and sweeping any SEC team on the road stands out. The Seahawks followed it up by stubbing their toes with a home series loss to Memphis, but they rebounded with a quality midweek win against East Carolina in their final game of the season.


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