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Coaching Buzz: Who did MSU consider?


It’s about the most unlikely time for this, but yes, the coaching carousel is raging on yet again as Mississippi State’s John Cohen has moved from head coach to athletic director.

Miss St Baseball LogoCohen’s move isn’t surprising to me. As I mentioned in this story, published a couple of weeks ago, the long-time head coach has always had interest in an administrative position, as shown in his latest contract extension, which included the tag associate athletic director.

Cohen’s departure from the baseball program doesn’t come at the most opportune time, but it’s not the start of a tumultuous situation, either. Former Kentucky head coach Gary Henderson has an extensive track record as a head coach and has served as an assistant at big-time programs as well. With that said, Henderson isn’t expected to be the frontrunner to replace Cohen, though his presence in the program certainly helps and allows Cohen to really think outside the box for this hire.

Based on my intel, I’ve got a breakdown of all the expected candidates for the MSU job. It’s filled with intriguing names, with a couple of established head coaches (one considered a long shot) and a strong collection of top flight assistants.

Without further ado, let’s dissect Mississippi State’s coaching candidates.


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