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D1 Analytics: 2020 Top Junior Hitters


After four weeks, the college baseball season and the 2020 CWS have been cancelled. However, many players around the country were off to hot starts and today we recognize the junior hitters who came of the gates swinging a hot stick.

To determine this we have broken down hitting into three categories: Plate DisciplineHit Ability, and Game Power and combined them to calculate an Analytics Score. Plate Discipline is a measure of how well a batter controls the strike zone. Hit Ability simply measures a batter’s ability to flat-out hit and reach base while Game Power is straightforward: did the player produce extra-base hits, getting to the power he may show in batting practice.

The rankings are based on the four weeks of statistics from the 2020 season. They are computed with an adjustment to account for park effects of the most extreme hitter and pitcher-friendly parks, as well as an adjustment for a team’s strength of schedule.

Here are our top 50 junior hitters, led by New Mexico State’s Nick Gonzales who batted .448 (26-for-58) with three doubles, 12 home runs and 36 RBI. He also walked 21 times and stole four bases in five attempts.

Based on 2020 Statistics

RankHitterSchoolOverallPlate DiscpHit AbilityGame Power
1Gonzales, NickNew Mexico St.98.488.585.097.8
2Torkelson, SpencerArizona St.93.590.083.488.7
3Stillman, BrendynSt. Bonaventure91.984.489.799.9
4DeLoach, ZachTexas A&M91.990.181.885.0
5Toral, AlejandroMiami (FL)91.385.474.781.1


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