Oakland at Pepperdine - Rick Hirtensteiner

Rick Hirtensteiner gets into his first argument with an umpire as a head coach. (Shotgun Spratling)


Spratling: Pepperdine-Oakland Obs.

MALIBU, Calif. — Rick Hirtensteiner was hoping for a more memorable first game as a head coach. The long-time Pepperdine assistant and former Waves player, might instead want to forget everything after the first pitch(es) thrown by him, his wife and children.

The forgettable Friday featured a 7-3 Waves’ loss. Oakland controlled the game, scoring three runs in the first three innings. They answered a Pepperdine run with a single tally in the sixth inning and pulled away when freshman Jordan Jackson’s first career hit slipped just inside of the left field pole for a three-run homer.

Pepperdine scored twice in[…]


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