Zach Watson, LSU. (Shotgun Spratling)


Nervous Times For Bubble Teams


It’s May. Selection Day is a week away. And LSU fans are nervous.

Should they be? The Tigers are talented. They won 15 games in a conference that is widely considered to be one of the strongest in recent history. But their RPI is around 50.

Sometimes power conference teams get at large bids with less-than-stellar RPI ranks. Clemson was #49 in 2014 and #56 in 2015 and received bids both seasons. Last season, SEC mates Texas A&M (46) and Auburn (45) also received at large bids.

Traditionally, SEC teams with 16 or more regular season conference victories get at large bids. If you have 15 like LSU does, the RPI matters. In 2015, Missouri was left home and in 2016, both Alabama and Kentucky were out after going 15-15. However, their RPI ranks were #57, #61 and #67. LSU’s will be better than that regardless of their fate in Hoover.

The Tigers have traditionally played well in the SEC tournament. In the past five seasons, LSU has won three of them including last season. They won’t need to win the automatic bid to continue their season. They likely do need to win more than just the Tuesday play-in game. It is always tempting to ask, ‘how many games do they need to win?”



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