How 'bout this pregame ritual? Members of the St. Mary's Gaels go with the wet-head look before first pitch.


Off The Top Of My Head: Week Two


This one will be a little quicker than normal.

Sorry StitchHeads, this won’t be my usual drawn-out, long-form OTTOMH that you guys have come accustomed to. Got a few things going on plus I am making the drive with my pooch up to the Bay Area for this weekend’s Rice-Stanford series.

So let’s make this a speed-round this time. I’ll get back to my usual lengthy tomes next week. Here we go…

It sure didn’t take long for the college baseball season to turn into a Mondo Bizarro world. First we had San Jose State’s Jason Hawkins placed on leave back in December (and later was officially relieved of his duties a couple weeks before the season). Then, on Tuesday morning, nearly out of the blue – or the maroon – Mississippi State head coach Andy Cannizaro resigned his post. Just one day after having his team suffer a bad three-game sweep at the hands of Southern Miss. What the hell was going on?

The night before I started getting text messages about my opinion of Cannizaro getting fired for improprieties. I was taken aback for sure. As Kendall wrote this week, Cannizaro was a transformative hire and a leader that was full of energy. He had the program completely rejuvenated. And with the $60 million rebuilding of “The New Dude” there was nothing but momentum on their side.

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