Coastal Carolina is a great example of how you don't have to be in a Power Five Conference to win the national title in baseball.


Sorenson’s Midseason Rap Sheet


Before we get to the mid-season accolades, I have to admit that I watched the NCAA basketball title game with keen interest on Monday night. Oh sure, it was a crappy game as championship games go, with a ton of fouls, constant stoppage of play and just ugly basketball in general. In a word, yuck.

But I really dig the idea that a program like Gonzaga would be playing for a national title against a behemoth like North Carolina. Think about this, Gonzaga is a small Jesuit school way out in western Washington that has an enrollment of just over 8,000 students. They were taking on North Carolina, not only a traditional power in basketball but also one of those famed “Power Five Conference” schools.

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