The Minnesota Gophers shouldn't feel too much shame for losing a series to a good Nebraska team, but the ramifications of it made them earn a spot on the Ouch List for this week.


Weekly Ouch List: Week 11


Great Magillicuddy. It was NOT a good week to be a ranked team. The only team in the entire Top 25 to come away with an unbeaten week was St. John’s. And the carnage in the top 10 was particularly brutal as seven of them were laced with two losses or more. Only Oregon State, TCU and Kentucky were spared with only one loss of all the top 10 teams.

So that made this week’s Ouch List pretty easy, to be honest. Without further ado, and with a fully loaded first aid kit, let’s get on board the Pain Train and see where it takes us this time.

The Ouch List…

– Arizona
What Happened: Lost three straight to Utah… at home.
Why It Hurts: Eeeeesh! Almost too painful to say.
Every one is allowed one bad weekend a year, right? Well this was it for the Desert Cats. Granted, Utah is pulling a “Utah” again this year, being a team that is better than its record. But still, the Cats should not have lost thrice to this team, especially at home. In the words of Alice In Chains, no excuses. In case you didn’t notice, the Cats saw their RPI plummet from being stuck for weeks at No. 2 down to No. 8. Another weekend like this and they’ll be hitting the road in June, despite our thinking they were going to be a lock to host.

– LSU pitching
What Happened: Lost two of three at Kentucky
Why It Hurts: Because their aces came up snake eyes this weekend.
Any other weekend i’m sure no one would bat an eye over LSU going 1-and-2 at Kentucky, but it’s HOW they performed on the mound that is most troubling. The three starting pitchers – Jared Poche, Alex Lange and Eric Walker – combined to last 11.0 innings, giving up 15 runs on 21 hits with 11 walks. For the entire weekend, LSU pitching gave up 25 runs on 42 hits with a stunning 22 walks and just 16 strikeouts. Dang.

– Minnesota
What Happened: Dropped two of three to Nebraska
Why It Hurts: Dropped out of first place in the Big 10
Normally I wouldn’t include a team on the Ouch List for losing to another team who is pretty good and well within consideration for an at-large bid in the NCAA tournament. But this was a pretty bad double-whammy for the Gophers this weekend. They dropped two of three games to Nebraska, by a 5-4 score on Friday and a 9-4 score on Sunday. Because of this series loss,  The U loses its grip on first place in the Big 10 and worse yet, sees the RPI ranking drop from a manageable No. 48 down to No. 65. Their upcoming two games against No. 249 Northern Illinois isn’t going to help either.

– Southern Miss
What Happened: Went 1-3 this week, including losing two of three to Old Dominion
Why It Hurts: Because their mound confidence could be waning.
Like LSU above, it wasn’t that the Eagles lost to Tulane and Old Dominion, it was the dubious amount of poor pitching that stuck out as all three losses this week were by football scores. In their three losses the Eagles used 18 pitchers who allowed 32 runs, 43 hits and 14 walks. Also, this may have been academic before this weekend, but they probably lost any hopes for a home Regional this weekend as well. Remaining schedule may not be enough of an RPI boost.

– Alabama
What Happened: Lost three straight at Mississippi State
Why It Hurts: All three games were lost by one run. Arrrrrrgh.
This is painful. At 15-25 and 2-16, it’s not as if the Crimson Tide’s season wasn’t painful enough to begin with. Now, we see the Tide lose 6-5, 4-3 and 13-12 in Starkville. In game one, the Tide had the tying run 90 feet away when the final out was recorded. In games two and three, the Tide had leads in both of them, including a five-run lead in the sixth inning and three-run lead in the 11th inning in game three but eventually lost it in 13 innings.

– Oregon
What Happened: Swept in three games by Stanford.
Why It Hurts: The Ducks have migrated to the outside-looking-in of college baseball
Since last Friday’s impressive 8-4 win at Arizona, the Ducks have wobbled, losing five straight games, including three straight this weekend at home to Stanford. Prior to that weekend in Arizona, UO was ranked No. 36 in the RPI. After the last six games, and those five losses, the Ducks now sit way down at No. 60. Sure, last year they got into the NCAA tournament with an RPI in the 60s, but this year’s squad now has a losing mark in Pac 12 play at 6-9. That must change.

– Cal State Fullerton
What Happened: Went 1-3 this week
Why It Hurts: Because the human polls might start emulating the computers
The Titans have had a spot in the top 10 of the rankings since early March, despite not having the sexiest won-loss mark. You know the Titans have been given the benefit of the doubt with their usual brutal scheduling. But that top-flight ranking could be in jeopardy after losing a mid-week to San Diego and losing two of three at Cal Poly. The RPI currently sits at No. 32, which you would think is well outside of Regional host consideration.

What Happened: Swept by Cal in Bereley
Why It Hurts: Because of a dude named Andrew Vaughn
Poor Bryce Dydra. He’s the Trojans reliever who served up a pair of jog-off home runs to Cal Super Frosh Andrew Vaughn on both Friday night and Sunday afternoon. Friday’s 13-9 loss came when Vaughn’s opposite field charge cleared the fence for a grand slam. On Sunday, in the 10th inning, Vaughn took another Dydra offering over the left field wall for a two-run dinger, giving the Bears an 8-6 win. USC is now on a 3-11 skid since starting the season 15-9. Also, even more damming, the Trojans saw their RPI ranking drop from within striking distance at No. 62 down to No. 99 in the past week. Aye-yaye-yaye.

– Dartmouth
What Happened: Swept in a doubleheader at Yale.
Why It Hurts: No Ivy League Playoffs for what looked to be the overwhelming favorites
Remember the Big Green from earlier this year? They were the team that came down from the snows of New Hampshire and beat both Miami and UCF in weekend series? Ugh, that team will probably not raise its head to our national conscience again as Sunday’s two losses to Yale put them four games behind the Bulldogs with six games left to play. It’s unlikely they’ll be able to catch Yale in the Red Rolfe Division of the Ivy League standings. As you know the two division winners face off in the playoffs to advance to the NCAA tournament.

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