The Ouch List: March 6


Sorry for the lack of an Ouch List last week, but as you know everybody stops and basks in the glory and glamour of the Oscars, even when they do get things completely wrong.

But this time the Ouch List makes its triumphant return… much to the chagrin of the Miami Hurricanes. Oh wait, I’m getting ahead of myself. Stop doing that Stitch. But yes, we’re back to regaling the ones who wish they weren’t being regaled. The teams that love the publicity, except when it comes in this manner.

But I’m being a little too harsh here. Sometimes a trip to the Ouch List is a good thing. Take it from Ole Miss Mike Bianco, who told me after his Rebels lost 5-3 to TCU to complete an 0-3 weekend at the Shriner’s Classic in Minute Maid Park, “That’s what you hope for, that this is a learning experience for your younger guys,” Bianco said. “The thing is, you don’t know if it IS a learning experience, you’ll just have to see a little further down the road. Maybe we’ll look back at this week and say, ‘This is where we grew up a little bit as a team.’”

See? That’s Mr. Brightside.

So these are the teams that withstood the most pain this weekend. May your recovery be swift.

The Ouch List

1- Miami
What Happened: Lost two of three to… to… to… an Ivy League team.
Why It Hurts: You don’t lose a weekend series to an Ivy League team. You lose job openings to them.
Wipe your eyes all you want, you know how the Canes have been berated for their lack of bats this season. Boy do they need a shot of Ryan Braun or a Gino DiMare or a John Jay right about now. Even the Saturday 3-2 win was married in controversy as they scored the winning runs on back to back balks, not their bats. The Canes are now 4-6 and hitting .184 as a team. Not a typo.

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