The Baylor Bears looked to have a legit shot at a home Regional until this past weekend.


The Ouch List: May 22


Oh my. The Ouch List is a Pain Train that is beyond capacity this week. I’m not even sure if I included everyone that I could have for this edition. The pain is real, people. You know how you see those commuter trains in India that have dozens of people hanging on the outside of them as they come roaring down the track at 50-plus miles an hour? That’s what the Pain Train looks like this week.

We are seven days away from the NCAA Selection Show. Here are some of the teams that will hate being mentioned here because it means that they are heading in the wrong direction as the season comes to a close. Don’t worry people, you still have a week to turn things around. Until then, here is who we have that is in need of a couple of vicodin from their performances this week.

The Ouch List…

– Louisville
What Happened: Lost all three games this week.
Why It Hurts: Meh, okay it hurt their ego a little.
Okay, okay, the Cardinals lost all three of their games this week, two of them to Florida State at home. But they still finished the ACC with the best record at 23-6. So yes, they earned this mention here on the Ouch List, but it’s merely a small slap on the wrist. Don’t let this happen again Cards. One word of warning though: The Cardinals have a non-conference strength of schedule rated at No. 247 and a non-conference RPI of No. 27. So beware of another NCAA tournament meltdown vs. a team they’re not used to playing. Just sayin’.

– South Carolina
What Happened: Lost two of three to Georgia
Why It Hurts: This may have been the death knell to the Gamecocks’ NCAA Tournament hopes.
Well, probably. Sometimes you never know how flippant the Selection Committee can be. If they’re pro-SEC and lean heavily on the RPI, they still have a chance. But otherwise, the Cocks went 1-2 against both Missouri and Georgia in their final two weekends, leaving them 13-17 in the SEC, which is 11th overall. Their RPI sits at No. 38 right now. But as you recall, North Carolina had an RPI at No. 21 last season and got snubbed due to a losing record in ACC play. The Cocks fans are going pell-mell after coach Chad Holbrook now I’m sure.

– Mississippi State
What Happened: Went 0-3 vs. LSU
Why It Hurts: A confidence killer
Those squealing tires you just heard was LSU slamming on the Bulldog brakes. This marked the third series loss in the last four weekends for the Maroons and their Cowbell Crew. Their pitching got exposed on Friday and Saturday as the Tigers scored 22 runs on 22 hits and a mind-boggling 21 walks. They are also currently on a 4-8 skein. Not a strong way to go into the postseason.

– Utah
What Happened: Swept in three games at UCLA
Why It Hurts: It’s for sure now, no postseason for the Utes.
Things were tenuous at best for the Utes to make a run at a postseason slot for the second straight year. but they did enter the week with an RPI at No. 51 and a .500 mark in Pac 12 play. But after losing three straight in Westwood, and all three not being all that close, UU will for sure stay at home in the month of June. Man alive, considering they were sitting at No. 34 after a sweep at Arizona in late-April, this team took a pretty stark dive south in the RPI, losing three of their last four weekends to Washington State, UC Riverside and now UCLA.

– Baylor
What Happened: Lost two of three to Kansas State
Why It Hurts: Bears drop from No. 10 to No. 19 in the RPI.
Considering the Bears have a .500 mark in Big 12 play (12-12), getting a National Seed was highly unlikely to begin with. But nabbing a No. 1 seed and home Regional is probably out of the question as well now. K-State is the only Big 12 team that won’t be taking part in the Big 12 tournament this coming week and yet they beat BU twice this weekend. How? The Green and Gold was on a 10-1 spree until the two curious home losses to the Cats on Friday, which killed their RPI.

– Oklahoma
What Happened: Lost twice vs. Oklahoma State
Why It Hurts: It continues their troubling late-season stretch.
The Sooners are still more than fine getting into the NCAA tournament, but they are on a dubious stretch where they have gone just 7-12 since early April. They won a pair of one-run games vs. TCU last weekend, but dipped back down to their ugly ways with an 0-2 showing in the Bedlam Series, losing 9-7 and 5-2 to their hated rivals. Those two losses drop the Big Red from No. 17 in the RPI – on the cusp of a No. 1 seeding – down to No. 25.

– St. John’s
What Happened: Lost to Villanova on Saturday
Why It Hurts: Lost the Big East title in one fell swoop.
This is a little weird, but the Big East title came down to Saturday’s Villanova-St. John’s game. Creighton sat at 11-4, but had its season finale vs. Butler rained out. They also lost two games vs. Xavier earlier this season. The Johnnies came into the day at 13-4, having already blown out the Wildcats twice, 15-1 and 6-0. Piece of cake, right?


Somehow, the Red Storm blew a 6-4 lead by giving up three runs in the seventh and two runs in the eighth to a team that came in tied for last place in the Big East. So not only did the Johnnies lose out on the Big East regular season title, but this lone loss also drops their RPI down to No. 37. Too bad, because for a while it looked as if the Red Storm had a shot at a home Regional in Jamaica.

– Air Force
What Happened: Went 2-2 this week.
Why It Hurts: Once-promising Falcons now will miss the MWC tournament
The Falcons played a non-conference series at Charleston Southern, but had the misfortune of seeing Nevada win two of three at New Mexico, allowing the Wolfpack to pass the Falcons in the MWC standings by a single game and into the fourth and final slot for the MWC tournament. Had UNM won two of three, the Falcons would’ve been the fourth-seed and been set for Albuquerque.

– Rhode Island
What Happened: Split two games with Bryant.
Why It Hurts: Their RPI dropped to No. 61.
Ack. It’s done. For sure now. The Rams losing games to UConn and Bryant this week assured they aren’t going to get any at-large consideration. At the beginning of the May 12th-13th-14th weekend, the Rams were up to No. 47 in the RPI. Sure, part of the slide is due to playing teams with triple-digit RPIs, but losing twice to No. 189 George Mason started the downfall. URI now sits at No. 61.

– Mercer
What Happened: Went 0-3 this week.
Why It Hurts: The Bears joined the Rams in RPI oblivion.
Not sure how it happened, but the Bears also saw their RPI plummet from an “almost there” ranking of No.48 down to No. 73. That’s what losses to Kennesaw State and Western Carolina will do. Mercifully, the third game vs. the Catamounts got rained out, or the damage may have been even worse.

– Grand Canyon
What Happened: Won two of three at UC Davis
Why It Hurts: Because their season ended. No postseason. despite winning the WAC.
I’ve never quite understood the whole “can’t go to the postseason because they are reclassifying” thing. So for four years, while the Antelopes moved from Division II to Division I, they are not eligible to play in the postseason. Why? Just let them in NCAA. What would it hurt? Anyway, because of that, the WAC regular season champions had their season end with an 8-3 win at Dobbins Stadium on Saturday. This was the second time in four years that coach Andy Stankiewicz and Co. have won the WAC regular season title.

What Happened: Swept in three games at Gonzaga
Why It Hurts: It leaves the Cougars in a three-way tie for first in the WCC.
Remember 2016? The Cougars tied for the West Coast Conference title with Gonzaga and St. Mary’s. But when it came time for the NCAA bids to be dealt out, BYU was left at home. With their three games they dropped in Spokane this past weekend (by a combined 26-8), it leaves the Cougs tied once again for the regular season title with the Bulldogs and LMU. By the way, they also went just 1-5 vs. their champion cohorts and have the worst RPI of the three at No. 78. Oi vey.

– St. Peter’s
What Happened: Lost three games to Manhattan
Why It Hurts: The Peacocks ended 2017 with a zero-and-38 mark.
Yes, in case you guys didn’t hear, St. Peter’s lost each and every game this season. The Peacocks lost 19-1, 12-2 and 5-1 to the Jaspers this weekend to complete a perfect season… in the wrong way. Damn you Peacocks.

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