San Francisco players look to their coaches for answers to their painful slide.


The Ouch List: Week Nine


So the calendar now says we are in mid-April. And you know the old saying, April showers bring… scratch that, I mean April snow brings May flooding. So what happens in this time of the season, as we are starting to see on the Ouch List, will have some post-season implications.

This is also the time of year when we traditionally see some mid-majors have one bad weekend and it just ruins their RPI ranking to the point where it is unrecoverable. We’ve got a couple of those pour souls on our list this week, including one that is close to my very own heart.

Yes, the pain of the Ouch List sometimes even effects me, the one who joyfully metes out the pain on a weekly basis. So you see, nobody is immune from getting saddled with a ticket on the Pain Train after a week of bad luck or bad execution.

Everyone allllllll aboard!… That includes you Bald-E.

What Happened: Went winless… again
Why It Hurts: This was probably their best chance at a W this season.
As I mentioned in my write-up of Saturday’s doubleheader loss at Rider, the Peacocks were ranked No. 294 in the RPI earlier this week, and the Broncs came in as the No. 286-ranked team, so in theory having three chances to beat a team ranked that low would seem pretty likely. But no dice. They looked overwhelmed and under-talented to beat the Broncs. So their prospects of getting a win this season look pretty bleak. And that 66-game losing streak keeps on and on.

The reality of another loss in a 66-game skid begins to sink in on the St. Peter’s players late in a game at Rider.

What Happened: Northeastern and Creighton sink, sank, sunk this weekend.
Why It Hurts: My dream of a home Regional for both is gone now.
Oh I know what you’re saying and it’s probably true, both of these teams didn’t have a shot at a home Regional, much less NU hosting one at Fenway. But going into the week these two programs were Nos. 19 and 17 respectively in the RPI. So c’mon, a kid can dream here, can’t he? Who wouldn’t want to see a college post-season held in the venerable old band box? (By the way, the Red Sox ARE out of town that weekend). Unfortunately, the Huskies lost two of three at College of Charleston and the Bluejays were swept at St. John’s. “Poof!” go my little daydreams.

… Hmmmm, I wonder if UConn would want to co-host a Regional at Fenway with N’Eastern?



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