The college baseball prospect heierarchy is starting to form for the 2016 MLB draft, and Florida's AJ Puk spearheads our look at the Top 50 prospects.


College Top 50 Prospects: Fall Edition

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To say that the 2016 college draft class is beginning to take shape would likely be premature, but what we are beginning to get some clarity on, however, is the upper crust of the college crop. While this may be a class defined by its wildcard nature, as it is filled with highly talented players, each with their own set of question marks, it’s also a group that’s easily identifiable. Different in many ways from the 2015 class, this crop is anchored by players that scouts can easily picture as a potential top three overall draft picks.

While fall practice is in full swing in many parts of the country, there are also many schools that have yet to get practices officially underway. What that means is that we are still just scratching the surface of a time of year that bestows us with a fresh crop of names that are seeing their stock rise in the eyes of scouts. This will continue to be a class in flux, as a returning senior like Kyle Funkhouser could play a major role, as could a superstar on the shelf like Stanford’s Cal Quantrill.

With names like those in mind, it speaks to a simple theme you’ll hear repeated in the coming months – this is a class defined by its pitching. Any scout in the industry will point out that while the hitters have yet to fully separate themselves from the pack, the pitching in the college ranks will indeed be a major strength, perhaps second only to the pitching that the high school ranks has to offer.

There will of course continue to be developments this fall, as we see players like Rice’s Jon Duplantier and others rebound from injuries, but this serves as our preliminary top 50 prospects update on the 2016 college crop.

Here’s our Top 50 prospects, led by Florida lefthander AJ Puk:

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