Projections Primer: The Trend Game


The postseason picture is always changing, and with our latest projections coming Wednesday afternoon, it’s a great time to take an inside look at how last week’s national seeds fared, while also dissecting each team’s situation and looking at which direction they’re trending.

In addition to analysis on each national seed, we also take an in-depth look at teams trending the right or wrong direction from an at-large bid standpoint.

Let’s get you primed for the latest projections.

Oregon State

Record/RPI: 32-3, 1

RPI Metrics: 42 SOS, 117 NSOS, 6-0 vs. Top 25, 15-1 vs. Top 50, 21-2 vs. RPI Top 100

Trending: ↔️

Synopsis: Basically, barring a meltdown of insane proportions, the Beavers have already wrapped up a top eight national seed. The metrics across the board are terrific and the remaining schedule is very favorable with UCLA and Washington out of the way. Moving forward, the Beavs have series remaining against USC (99), California (67), Oregon (59), Washington State (114) and of course, at home against Abilene Christian (250) to end the regular season. The series against the Trojans and Golden Bears are at home, with the road series against the Ducks the toughest remaining obstacle. OSU has done everything it needs to do at this point to be the top national seed.

North Carolina

Record/RPI: 31-9, 3

RPI Metrics: 16 SOS, 5 NSOS, 7-3 vs. Top 25, 11-4 vs. Top 50, 24-9 vs. Top 100

Trending: ↔

Synopsis: Even with just a 2-2 week last week, it’s still status quo for the Tar Heels. They will once again be a top eight national seed in our projections tomorrow. And for good reason. The Heels have outstanding metrics with only a series loss at home to Long Beach State a blemish on their resume. And of course, the Dirtbags are pretty good, so that’s hardly a big blemish. UNC is another team close to being a national seed lock when you look at the remaining schedule. The Heels have Clemson at home this weekend before facing Virginia Tech (112) and Duke (130) to end the regular season. They aren’t the slam dunk that OSU is, but they aren’t far off.

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