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Angel Zarate, North Carolina (UNC photo)


Roons Report: On Cal’s Josh White, Duke/UNC Standouts


Let’s Party

If you listen to our podcast, you know that I have issued an edict on behalf of college baseball: if you are going to be a prominent power hitter this year, you must have a nickname or hashtag. And we will make no exceptions. See below for a list of our current candidates:

  • Jake Gelof (Virginia)                                  #SteakGelof
  • Tommy White (NC State)                          #TommyTanks
  • Brad Malm (Albany)                                  #BradBombs
  • Andrew Cossetti (St. Joe’s)                       #TheHammerinHawk
  • Matthew Ellis (Indiana)                             #BigCountry
  • Dakota Kotowski (Missouri State)             #TheBigKotowski
  • Derek Orndorff (Liberty)                           #MrWonderful 

This is not the only fun we’re having in college baseball this year. Our Aaron Fitt chronicled[…]


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