The UCLA Bruins got the No. 1 national seed. Of course, the No. 1 overall seed hasn't won the big brass ring since 1999.


Sorenson: Committee Choices Leave Something To Be Desired


College baseball certainly took a step back on Monday.

It was a menagerie of bad decisions and poor placements that riddled today’s NCAA Tournament announcement by the selection committee. I’ve admittedly been a little harsher than most on the committee in years past – no Utah Valley in 2012 despite 47 wins, no West Regionals at all in 2016, Clemson getting a 1-seed over Vanderbilt last year, etc. – but this year it’s hard to sit back and assume they did their best.

Quite the opposite. They didn’t seem to try that hard to make a sensible and equitable tournament bracket at all.

You guys all saw it, the first thing that flashed up on the announcement show was UCLA being paired with Oregon State for a possible Super Regional. What? Is this a misprint? And it only got worse from there. I’m trying not to put cuss words into this column, a promise I made Papa Bear when I joined this team of outstanding writers for our beloved sport, but as my British bud would say this is making me mental.

At the risk of bursting a blood vessel or two, here are the most egregious mistakes to this year’s bracket of madness.

1- The obvious: Super Regional matchups.
So last year there was that odd Clemson-Florida State possible Supers matchup that never did take hold due to Vanderbilt and Mississippi State pulling upsets. But that was the only one where two conference teams were matched up as possible 1-seed Super Regional opponents. This year? Five. FIVE. NCAA Selection Chairman Ray Tanner said in the post-announcement media call, “Thats the integrity of the seeding” when asked about all those potential matchups. In this case I’d prefer the committee use a little common sense over this integrity. It would’ve been so easy to make the seedings a little more malleable to avoid a possible UCLA-Oregon State, Oklahoma State-Texas Tech, Arkansas-Ole Miss, LSU-Georgia or North Carolina-Georgia Tech matchups.


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