Oregon State makes its 2019 debut on the Ouch List.


The Ouch List: Oregon State Leads The Pain Train


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One thing that has always been a constant when it comes to the Ouch List; it doesn’t care about your recent success or tradition of winning or your championship pedigree. Not even if you have big garish oversized rings that say “National Champions” on them, if you deserve to be on the Pain Train, you just take your ticket, sit down and keep your trap shut. 

In fact, go ahead and take a gander at this week’s list. The first thing you’ll notice is that it contains the last three national titles. This is the first time in Ouch List history that we’ve had such recent national title successors included on the list you don’t want to be on.

So as we get past the first weekend in the cruelest month of the year, these are the teams that are feeling the most pain right now. And worry not StitchHeads, the month of May only gets more hurtful from here. 

The Ouch List… 

What Happened: Lost three straight at home to Oklahoma State
Why It Hurts: Losing their grip on a Top 8 seed… and a top 16?
Last week the Beavers dropped in the RPI due to the fact that they lost a pair of extra inning midweek games to Nevada. You can pretty much shrug that off, those things happen from time to time. But this week?… Oi vey! This was NOT your father’s Oregon State Beavers. That battle of the Halloween colors went to Oklahoma State, a team that might be finding its cleats at the right time and having ace Jensen Elliot throw like he has will help. The Beavers find themselves at No. 12 in the D1 Rankings and at No. 21 in the RPI now.

What Happened: Lost two of three at home to Louisiana
Why It Hurts: The RPI plunge continues.
This marks the third losing weekend in the last four for the Chanticleers, and most shocking of all was the fact that their pitching staff got rattled for 28 runs on 40 hits, losing 10-0 and 9-7 in the first two games before pulling out an 11-9 slugfest win on Sunday. The Chants are now a half-game back of Georgia Southern in the East Division of the Sun Belt, a team they already lost two of three against. The Chanticleer pitch staff now sports an ERA above 5.00. 

What Happened: Swept in three at Georgia
Why It Hurts: No chance for a winning SEC record this year.
You know it’s not a big disgrace to lose three games to a very good Bulldog team. Not at all. But the Gators are really putting themselves behind the eight ball with a 9-15 SEC mark. They would have to go unbeaten against both Tennessee and Missouri to finish with a .500 record in conference play. Any loss leaves them vulnerable to the selection committee’s newfound penchant for penalizing teams with losing conference marks. Besides that, the Gator bats went silent in Sunday’s doubleheader where they gathered just five hits in 16 innings (game two was a seven-inning contest). 

What Happened: Went 0-4 this week
Why It Hurts: This may be the last we see of the Longhorns.
C’mon, you’re telling me this is the same Longhorn team I saw sweep LSU earlier this year? It’s weird to see the Horns actually have a decent postseason resume… until you look at their Big 12 mark, which now stands at 6-14, good for dead last. If the season ended today the Longhorns wouldn’t even make the eight-team Big 12 Tournament in Oklahoma City. This weekend, in a battle of teams tied for last place in the conference, the Burnt Orange dropped three straight games to Kansas, 4-2, 1-0 and 10-6. Egad. 

What Happened: Swept in three at Arizona
Why It Hurts: This may be the last we see of the Ducks too.
Damn, after seeing the Ducks out at Hawaii earlier this season I really had high hopes for them this year. In fact, three weeks ago they were at No. 25 in the RPI, but thanks to a recent 1-9 skid, they now sit down at No. 52. Worse yet, their Pac 12 record is now 8-13 with three-gamers with Oregon State and UCLA among their nine remaining conference games. They lost all three games to Arizona this weekend by a combined 54-21, including Sunday’s 28-7 football score.

What Happened: Went 3-1 this week
Why It Hurts: They dropped 22 slots in the RPI by winning three of four.
This is painful. The Huskies entered last week at No. 50 in the RPI, sitting in a pretty good position. But then they had to beat Seattle in the midweek and take two of three from rival Washington State in Pullman. What are the fruits of this successful week? This dropped them down to No. 72 in the RPI going into the week ahead, where they will play Portland and Utah. In other words, more RPI anchors. Is it just me or am I including more teams with winning weeks on the Ouch List lately?

What Happened: Swept at home by Texas Tech
Why It Hurts: This was their chance to make a big jump up, not down.
The Red Raiders did a pretty good job of swatting around the Sooner pitching like a kitten batting a ball of yarn induced with cat nip this weekend. While the Sooners came into the weekend with an RPI of 35 and a Big 12 mark teetering at the .500 level at 8-7, they gave up 13 doubles, a triple and three home runs while issuing 18 walks in the three games. OU is now at No. 45 in the RPI and has the Bedlam Series coming up. 

What Happened: Swept in three at Southern Illinois
Why It Hurts: Essentially, this is a knockout blow
The Aces were the beneficiaries of a solid RPI (No. 49 last Monday) and a pretty crappy overall record (21-18 going into the weekend). But then came the trip to beautiful Carbondale. The Aces actually were also in the thick of the Missouri Valley Conference title chase, sitting at 8-4, but the 173rd-ranked Salukis dug a grave for the Aces by winning all three games this weekend 8-6, 5-2 and 4-1. By the way, with the three wins, SIU jumped up 42 spots in the RPI, up to No. 131, the biggest leap of any team in the country over the past six days. But yes, the Aces season is crushed, unless they find redemption in the MVC tournament. 

What Happened: Went 2-3 on the week.
Why It Hurts: Nobody took a bigger hit in the RPI.
It may not matter in the long run since they are still sporting a losing mark at 21-27 overall to begin with, but the Musketeers have just run themselves out of any chance at an at-large berth in the NCAA Tournament. Believe it or not, entering last week the X was actually perched at No. 40 in the RPI, yes even with a 19-24 mark. But after losing to Miami, Ohio 7-4 and then losing two of three at home to then-No. 208 Seton Hall had them fall 25 slots to No. 65. 

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