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The Ouch List: Week 13


This week was a unique one in the 14-week span of the college baseball regular season. Sure you have your usual array of painful losses and damaging defeats. But this time, things got a lot more painful than normal. You see StitchHeads, we are now inching toward mid-May. Everything your favorite team does, good or bad, becomes magnified tenfold. Yes that means there are endless amounts of post-season ramifications and even some season-ending results that affect those on the list of teams that had bad weeks.

One reoccurring theme from this past week is that teams seems to have played themselves into traveling for the Regionals in the first weekend of June. The Power Five conference teams you see on the list below may have to pack up their cleats, bats and gloves and hope their parents and girlfriends can afford to make the trip because their play this week earned them no love… except the unwanted love of the Pain Train.

The Ouch List…

What Happened: Swept in three games vs. Mississippi State
Why It Hurts: Losing to your rival sucks.
Worse yet, losing to your rival AT HOME really sucks. But man, this Rebels team is hard to figure out. Consider that they won a series at Arkansas, lost a series at home to Kentucky, swept Texas A&M at home and now this 0-and-3 to the Bullies. Plus, dropping from No. 17 in the RPI all the way down to No. 28 means you are hitting the road in the postseason for now. Too bad. That Swayze Magic can be something… unless you drop three straight to MSU by a combined 21-10. Egad.

What Happened: Lost two of three at Pitt
Why It Hurts: Going on the road is the Pitts.
Did the Tar Heels really just lose a series to Pitt? The Panthers came into this weekend having not won a single weekend series in ACC play yet this season and had the second-to-last pitching staff in the conference, with nearly a 6.00 ERA. Yet there they were beating the Heels twice. Yes, the team that came into this week ranked No. 223 in the RPI. Oof. The series loss dropped the Heels to No. 20 in both the RPI and the D1 rankings. That means they have probably lost their hopes of playing at home in June, unless they get on a torrid streak in the next two weeks.


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