Hog wild? Or Hog Bummed? You decide.


The Ouch List: Week Three


HOUSTON — There is one unwritten rule that is inherent to this list; it is better to be noticed than to be forgotten. So when a team gets issued a seat on the Pain Train, it means that we are noticing their pain. We see that a normally really good team has temporarily scuffled and had a bad week. As cold and as uncaring as this list seems to be, we know these things happen.

What’s worse? Being completely forgotten. That’s what starts to happen at this time of the season because if teams start to become candidates for the Ouch List week after week, our cracked staff begins to forget them as just bad teams with losing records. So in other words, it’s better to become a team on the Ouch List than for us to forget about you for the rest of the season.

So there you go. There is your official silver lining to being given a ride on the Pain Train for a week. This is an FYI, enjoy your mentions guys. Just don’t make it a habit.

The Ouch List…

What Happened: Went 0-3 at the Shriner’s Classic.
Why It Hurts: Some real concerns rose from the ashes.
Look, I know the Razorbacks are (probably) going to be okay. Eventually. But we all discovered some cracks in the foundation this weekend with losses to Oklahoma, Texas and Baylor. The starting pitching was a little shaky, their bats weren’t as potent and All American Casey Martin is having so many struggles he actually got benched. Also, they were my No. 1 ranked team going into the week and I hate when No. 1 teams go 0-and-3. Even though the Ouch List feeds off it. Stop chumming the waters Hogs.


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