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The Top 100: Writers Roundtable

Identifying and ranking the nation’s Top 100 college baseball programs has been a daunting task for the past couple of weeks, but it culminated with Vanderbilt, Virginia and Florida finishing atop the rankings with others such as UCLA and LSU knocking on the door to No. 1.

All of those programs have been very successful in the last decade, and their high rankings are no surprise. But which programs are making the best of their resources? Which programs are failing to meet expectations? Who will shine in the next three-to-five years? Which power programs need to get the ball rolling in the right direction again?

Building off our program rankings, our staff tackled some burning questions in an attempt to predict what the landscape of college baseball might look like five years from now.

Which program is most likely to rise 25 or more places in the next five years?

Aaron Fitt: South Florida
Kendall Rogers: Baylor
Michael Baumann: Iowa
Mark Etheridge: East Carolina
Frankie Piliere: California
Eric Sorenson: Southern California
Shotgun Spratling:
Chris Webb: Michigan

Which program has underutilized the resources at its disposal, i.e., underachieved?

Aaron Fitt: Tennessee
Kendall Rogers: Georgia
Michael Baumann: Texas
Mark Etheridge: Southern Mississippi
Frankie Piliere: Stanford
Eric Sorenson:
Shotgun Spratling:
Chris Webb: Tennessee

Which program has maximized its resources (overachieved)?

Aaron Fitt: Coastal Carolina
Kendall Rogers: New Mexico
Michael Baumann: Wright State
Mark Etheridge: Maryland
Frankie Piliere: UC Santa Barbara
Eric Sorenson: Cal State Fullerton
Shotgun Spratling:
Chris Webb: Wright State

Which program has benefitted most from realignment?

Aaron Fitt: TCU
Kendall Rogers: TCU
Michael Baumann: Louisville
Mark Etheridge: Dallas Baptist
Frankie Piliere: Maryland
Eric Sorenson: Louisville
Shotgun Spratling:
Chris Webb: TCU

Which program has been hurt most by realignment?

Aaron Fitt: Missouri
Kendall Rogers: Missouri
Michael Baumann: Rice
Mark Etheridge: Missouri
Frankie Piliere: Minnesota
Eric Sorenson: Creighton
Shotgun Spratling:
Chris Webb: West Virginia

Which program without a national title is the most likely to win one in the next five years?

Aaron Fitt: Florida
Kendall Rogers: Florida
Michael Baumann: Louisville
Mark Etheridge: Louisville
Frankie Piliere: Louisville
Eric Sorenson: Florida
Shotgun Spratling:
Chris Webb: Louisville

Which program without a berth in the College World Series is most likely to do it in the next five years?

Aaron Fitt: Dallas Baptist
Kendall Rogers: East Carolina
Michael Baumann: Dallas Baptist
Mark Etheridge: Dallas Baptist
Frankie Piliere: Maryland
Eric Sorenson: Dallas Baptist
Shotgun Spratling:
Chris Webb: Maryland

Which program rank outside the Top 100 are you buying stock in moving forward?

Aaron Fitt: Nevada
Kendall Rogers: Northwestern
Michael Baumann: Cincinnati
Mark Etheridge: Western Kentucky
Frankie Piliere: Loyola Marymount
Eric Sorenson: Hawaii
Shotgun Spratling:
Cal State Northridge
Chris Webb: Penn State

Which traditional power are you most concerned about (selling their stock)?

Aaron Fitt: Stanford
Kendall Rogers: Stanford
Michael Baumann: South Carolina
Mark Etheridge: Georgia
Frankie Piliere: Texas
Eric Sorenson: Wichita State
Shotgun Spratling:
Chris Webb: Stanford

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