Alan Jaeger is one of the brightest pitching and arm care minds in the game of baseball and unveils the release of his year-round pitching manual.


Year-Round Pitching Manual Set For Release

From his humble abode in Southern California, Alan Jaeger has spent the past 25 years of his life piecing together all the techniques he feels are vital to pitching at high level, and most importantly, making sure a pitcher’s arm receives the utmost proper care.

Jaeger’s products have been popular throughout baseball, and specifically, college baseball. His “J-Bands” are a common site at any collegiate ballpark, and certainly many big league ballparks as well.

But while his “J-Bands” have revolutionized at least one part of the game, his latest invention, the Year-Round Pitching Manual, could very well give pitchers, younger and older, the absolute road map to successful arm care.

“This manual, it’s kind of been 25 years in the making of putting it all together.  I’ve been working with players and coaches throughout the years, getting feedback from some of the best pitching minds in the game, including Scott Brown (Vanderbilt), John Savage (UCLA), Nate Yeskie (Oregon State), and others,” Jaeger said. “The one thing I wanted to do with this manual is answer all of the questions that people have about pitching and arm care.

“In this manual, a pitcher can start pretty much wherever he wants with the different periods of the year, and more,” he continued. “The thing a lot of pitching coaches have liked about it so far is that the manual kind of sees you throughout the entire process of pitching during the year. There’s a lot of information in this manual, and I think people will be surprised at just how in-depth the programs illustrated really are.”

Jaeger has been a long-time proponent of pitchers engaging in long-toss programs, and his manual goes several steps beyond just explaining how that needs to be done. For instance, he breaks down how pitchers should approach arm care in several periods, going from the Fall/Winter, Early Winter and into the Spring, and of course, the Spring, and most interestingly and controversial, how pitchers should approach pitching in the summer and into the fall.

Though many in baseball suggest pitchers take significant time off between the spring, fall and more, Jaeger strongly believe there’s a process in which a pitcher can pitch year-round, as long as he engages in proper arm care and a very strict regimen.

“It’s pretty simple how to break the summer down. Once the spring season ends, if you are going to keep going and pitching, don’t stop. But if you do, make sure there’s at least a four-to-six week break,” he said. “If you are going to take off just a week, be sure to match that that with two weeks of conditioning. There’s absolutely a way to navigate the summer and the year-round process, but it needs to be a strict process.”

The Year-Round Pitching Manual covers everything that a pitcher truly needs, and as with past Jaeger products, has a chance to again revolutionize the game.

Jaeger’s new manual can be found, here.

More examples of Jaeger’s work can be found below in in-depth videos:



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