The Villanova bench races out to converge on reliever Danny Wilkinson after the upset was complete.


Be-Devil’d! ‘Nova Arms Clamp Down In Upset Of ASU

At The Ballpark

Phoenix, AZ — That giant burst of jubilation that occurred at approximately 2:45pm mountain time might just have registered on the Richter Scale. That was the moment when Villanova shut down Arizona State’s white-knuckle rally and officially notched a 2-1 win here in the Valley of the Sun.

Villanova freshman reliever Danny Wilkinson faced a bases-loaded, two-out and a one-run lead type of situation against the 11th-ranked Sun Devils this afternoon. The Wildcats had played toe-to-toe with ASU for the second straight day, but this time it came down to one pitch. And Wilkinson threw the right one.

Trevor Hauver, a three-year starter with over 320 at-bats to his credit, swung at nothing but air on an 89 mile-per-hour fastball from Wilkinson’s lively arm. And the celebration began. Teammates rushed the field and immediately surrounded Wilkinson among their hoots and howls. After the high-five line was done, VU head coach Kevin Mulvey immediately rallied his boys into the locker room. Once there they all gathered around him and he shouted, “We are GOING to be a problem to some people this year!”

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