Duke's Giovanni DiGiacomo (Duke Athletics)


DiGiacomo lifts Duke to win in high-stakes opener at Miami

At The Ballpark

CORAL GABLES, Fla. – The first warmup throw by Miami Hurricanes lefty reliever Rafe Schlesinger was so high that it hit the backstop.

Duke’s lefty-swinging center fielder Giovanni DiGiacomo – an aspiring doctor who turned 23 on Thursday — was due up, and he could probably have listed 100 things that ranked higher on his celebratory wish list at that moment than facing an erratic but effective southpaw reliever.

In fact, DiGiacomo, who was hitting just .125 (3-for-18) against lefty pitchers going into that at-bat, watched three of Schlesinger’s first four official pitches miss the mark.

“Left-on-left is one of[…]