This was a familiar scene tonight as Florida scored 16 runs to run past LSU.


Florida Flexes Offensive Muscles Against LSU

At The Ballpark

BATON ROUGE, La. — Some really wicked rains swept through the Baton Rouge area this afternoon, turning the city into a series of very tiny lakes everywhere you drove. Because of that outburst from the heavens, game one of the Florida-LSU game was pushed from a 6pm start to a more Omaha-like 8pm start time. (Sorry, I get PTSD every time a game gets pushed to beyond 8pm because that happens so often at the College World Series in recent years. But I digress.).

So it was a late night at the Box tonight, especially with a slow pace to this game and a lot of long at-bats. The *good* part is that Florida was so dominant early on, it made for a breezy write-up as the Gators kept a Heisman-like stiff-arm on LSU the entire night, cruising to a 16-9 win. So as you read the below description, just realize I wrote much of it while the innings slowly rolled by and the Gators stayed in command of this game.

But first, this…

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