LSU's Cole Henry exits the game to the cheers of the crowd and the fives of his teammates.


Henry Dazzles As LSU Evens Series With Florida

At The Ballpark

BATON ROUGE, La. — Apparently the M.O. for both games so far this weekend in Baton Rouge has been the same; get a huge lead, put it on cruise control and watch the other team put in arms that aren’t their best so they could save them for game three.

Last night Florida ripped off 13 runs in the first half of the game against no resistance and then cruised to a 16-9 win while LSU threw five pitchers, none of which were their big guns. Tonight, more of the same except you can flip the script. This time it was LSU racing out to a 10-1 lead, putting on the cruise and then watching the Gators use a total of four pitchers, two of which hadn’t thrown for more than 10 innings combined to close out a 13-1 win.

“When you’re as old as I am, you’ve seen it all,” LSU head coach Paul Mainieri said. “That’s why you can’t get too down in the dumps after one bad game. You’re never as bad as you look one night and you’re never as good as you look the next night. That’s just the way baseball is.”

Listen to the wise men of the game because coach Mainieri was right, the Tigers and Gators appeared to be going in opposite directions, but both did an about face from last night and it showed on the scoreboard for the Purple & Gold. (Yes, that is the sound of Tiger fans exhaling a huge sigh of relief.)

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