Ty Bothwell and his new fiancé, McKayla Tucker (Indiana Athletics)


Knoxville: A double win for Indiana’s Ty Bothwell; Volunteers roll in nightcap

At The Ballpark

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. – The game Ty Bothwell won on Friday was truly life altering.

Bothwell, the Indiana Hoosiers’ ace lefthander, had a lot more in his bag on Friday besides his glove and some baseballs.

He had an engagement ring, too.

But had he and his fellow Hoosiers lost in the opener of the Knoxville Regional against Southern Miss on Friday, Bothwell wouldn’t have gotten engaged to McKayla Tucker.

At least not now.

Fortunately for Bothwell and Tucker, the Hoosiers defeated the Golden Eagles 10-4.

“I’m on cloud nine,” said Bothwell, who proposed to Tucker just outside the third-base dugout[…]