Behind their big horse Alek Manoah (47), West Virginia seemed relaxed and loose all game long in the win over Oklahoma State.


West Virginia’s Manoah Shuts Down Oklahoma State

At The Ballpark

STILLWATER, Okla. — Imagine for a minute you were West Virginia head coach Randy Mazey and had his big horse Alek Manoah on the mound. What would be the perfect scenario to get a win?

I’m betting you’d say something like “I’d wanna score a lot of runs early and then have Alek be locked in all game long.”

Well guess what happened in Stillwater tonight? Yep, the Mountaineers hit and hit and hit and hit and Alek Manoah pitched and pitched and pitched and pitched. The result? You said it, a very breezy 11-1 win for WVU. Slap your face with both hands like McCauley Culkin on the Home Alone movie poster and look surprised. 

I’ve already seen the Cowboys beat a good Michigan team in Dodger Stadium a couple of weeks ago, so I know what they’re capable of. But holy cow, I couldn’t have been more impressed with the Mountaineers this time around.

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