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Midwest Connection: Takeaways From Winston-Salem

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  • Northern Teams Clash in Winston-Salem
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Northern Teams Clash in Winston-Salem

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — Honoring a customary tradition, numerous Northern teams made their annual pilgrimage south to commence the collegiate season. For Illinois, Seton Hall and Milwaukee, they left their permafrost-laden homes to rendezvous in tropical Winston-Salem, N.C. where it occasionally surpassed 40 degrees last weekend. While host Wake Forest proved to be the most proficient team in the fray, each of its Northern adversaries displayed redeeming qualities that, if properly cultivated, could produce fruitful seasons.   

Seton Hall

In our Big East preview, we tabbed Seton Hall as the favorite to finish first in a competitive conference thanks, in large part, to the experience retained in the Pirates’ pitching staff. The early returns are encouraging, as Seton Hall arms allowed just five earned runs on the weekend. …

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