Mississippi State's Brandon Pimentel celebrates his tie-breaking homer against Oregon State (Aaron Fitt)


Mississippi State Shows Off Quick-Strike Offense In Comeback Win

At The Ballpark

STARKVILLE, Miss. — Mississippi State hitting coach Jake Gautreau popped into the postgame media room for just a moment. “How about that?” he called to the assembled reporters, with a shake of his head. “Sixteen strikeouts!”

For most of Friday’s 6-2 win against Oregon State, all those strikeouts amassed by MSU hitters were the story. More specifically, OSU ace lefty Christian Chamberlain, who recorded 12 of those punchouts through five innings, was the story. But maybe that was all part of Mississippi State’s devious master plan.

“The strikeouts were kind of purposeful, we were trying to run his pitch count up, so we just kept striking out trying to get him out of the game early,” Bulldogs head coach Chris Lemonis deadpanned. “At least, that’s what Rowdey [Jordan] told me. But [Chamberlain] was really good. A big part of the game was being able to get him out of there in the sixth.”

Chamberlain was masterful, allowing Mississippi State to put just four balls in play through five innings, two of them going for singles and two for outs. …

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