Little Rock was going crazy after Kale Emshoff (#23) hit a three-run home run vs. Louisiana


Sun Belt Dispatches: The Lightning Show

At The Ballpark

LAFAYETTE, La. — The Sun Belt. Otherwise known as The Fun Belt.

But today it felt more like The Sun MELT, with temperatures hovering around the mid-90s and the heat index hitting the 110s. Plus, you could physically see the heat rising off of the Tigue Moore Field turf surface like a slab of back-road asphalt in July.

Judging by this beleaguered umpire, the triple-digit heat index took its toll on everybody who had to stand in the sun all day.

But speaking of hot, four teams in the Sun Belt entered day two of the post-season tournament with a shot at an at-large berth to the NCAA Tournament; No. 23 Coastal Carolina, No. 43 Troy, No. 49 South Alabama and homestanding No. 53 Louisiana. Helping their cause, the first three games went as expected with the higher seeded team taking down their lower seeded opponent.

In the nightcap, Louisiana took an 8-7 lead in the bottom of the fourth inning before a lightning delay led to a postponement to Thursday as heavy rainfall opened up a can of whoop-arse on the Lafayette area. And that was okay by me because it was already 10:50pm and that fourth game was just in the fourth inning. Egad.

Anyway, here is how things shook out on the second day of play in the Sun Belt Tournament…


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