Clemson slugger Seth Beer (Aaron Fitt)


2016 D1Baseball Freshman All-Americans


It didn’t take long for Clemson coach Monte Lee to figure out freshman outfielder Seth Beer was potentially one of a kind.

Actually, it took just three weeks for the first-year head coach to marvel about the impressive-looking youngster who was taking college baseball by storm. Just a year ago, LSU righthander Alex Lange put together a campaign that almost earned him National Player of the Year honors, while also helping lead Louisiana’s Tigers to the College World Series. Though he fell just short over overall MVP honors, he was clearly the cream of the crop in the freshman class and earned our Freshman of the Year honor.

This year, it was Beer that worked his magic, helping lead South Carolina’s Tigers to a memorable first season under Lee – one that ended a top eight national seed and a regional host, something that most certainly sets the foundation for the future.

But for Beer, his first statement came during the annual series against South Carolina. In that series, he went just 3-for-7 (.429) with a home run and an RBI, missing much of the series finale because of an injury. But the statement was made. For starters, Beer, a 6-foot-2, 195 pounds, made a strong first impression from a physical standpoint. Then, everything about his skill set screamed a budding star. Beer had a mature approach at the plate, and everything off his bat jumped with authority and almost perfectly on the barrel of the bat.

Here’s what I said about Beer after the series against the Gamecocks: “Seth Beer is going to be an absolute monster for the Tigers throughout his career. Beer, of course, garnered a lot of warranted attention when he decided to enroll early to begin his collegiate career. Well, the 6-foot-2, 195-pounder, looks like anything but a pup physically, and the ball just comes off his bat differently. Beer hit .429 in seven at bats in the series and has all the tools needed to be an elite college baseball player.”

The South Carolina series, which the Tigers won two games to one, set the tone for Clemson’s success and Beer’s ascension as one of the premier players in college baseball and D1Baseball’s National Freshman of the Year.

“Best I’ve ever seen, best hitter,” Lee said in Aaron Fitt’s story back in March. “I’m telling you right now, I’ve told anybody that’s asked me, I’m not afraid to say it. I know we’re only 13 games into the season and he’s a true freshman, but I have never seen anybody that hits like this guy — never. Not in 16, 17 years of coaching. I’ve had some guys that have played in the big leagues, I’ve coached first-round draft picks. This guy is the best hitter that I have seen. You make a mistake and he punishes you. He hit two home runs opposite field, he hit one straightaway center field. He’s unbelievable. The way he carries himself, he’s so even-keeled. When he does have a bad at-bat, which isn’t very often, he’s very even-keeled, very confident, great teammate. He’s just the total package.”

It will be difficult for Beer to emulate the success he had as a freshman, but nothing would surprise us. He’s a driven player who has all the tools to be one of the best to ever play college baseball. He finished the season with a .369 batting average, 13 doubles, a whopping 18 homers and 70 RBIs, along with a .535 OBP, .700 SLG and of course a 1.235 OPS, which ranked fourth nationally behind Kyle Lewis, Will Craig and Jameson Fisher – not bad company for a first-year player.

It was a year to remember for the Suwanee, Ga., native, and he headlines our impressive crop of Freshman All-Americans.

— Kendall Rogers

First Team Freshman All-Americans

CCal Raleigh, Florida State.301/.412/.511229456910501
1BJoe Davis, Houston.331/.387/.577239337914580
2BNick Madrigal, Oregon State.333/.380/.45619538651298
3BJonathan India, Florida.303/.367/.440234437144013
SSFord Proctor, Rice.336/.428/.47122334753416
OFSeth Beer, Clemson.369/.535/.700203577518701
OFJake Mangum, Mississippi State.408/.458/.51020640841286
OFDwanya Williams-Sutton, East Carolina.360/.455/.55117831645277
DHKevin Strohschein, Tennessee Tech.393/.447/707229579015732
UTLuken Baker, TCU.379/.483/.577248599411621
SPTim Cate, Connecticut512.7313082.15527101
SPBraden Webb, South Carolina1063.091701028048128
SPColton Eastman, Cal State Fullerton832.24160100.27820100
SPDavis Martin, Texas Tech1012.5219289.1752761
RPDurbin Feltman, TCU301.5627934.2151149
UTLuken Baker, TCU311.7010047.2371641

Second Team Freshman All-Americans

CFabian Pena, Manhattan.350/.415/.59821435759543
1BTristan English, Georgia Tech.315/.351/.47722235705440
2BRichie Palacios, Towson.329/.415/.480225557463832
3BNic Ready, Air Force.329/.349/.49623444776533
SSCesar Trejo, UNC Greensboro.363/.415/.58717943659306
OFD.J. Artis, Liberty.369/.500/.464222548224123
OFJosh Watson, TCU.280/.398/.5062435268114412
OFAntoine Duplantis, LSU.327/.404/.419272458923913
DHDarius Hill, West Virginia.342/.420/.51121949753406
UTTyler Holton, Florida State.214/.389/.5002876270
SPRiley Gossett, Sam Houston State702.6419195.1952462
SPTristan Beck, Stanford652.4814083.1592676
SPJacob Stevens, Boston College442.5415074.1613370
SPRoss Massey, Tulane1032.2918090.1871851
RPChad Luensmann, Nebraska121.18281338211223
UTTyler Holton, Florida State342.7918167.2603384

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