Player Of The Year Kevin Kopps Leads D1Baseball All-Americans

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Arkansas closer Kevin Kopps is the D1Baseball Player of the Year, headlining our 2021 All-America teams.

Kopps was a revelation as a sixth-year senior closer for the Razorbacks. After posting an 8.18 ERA in the pandemic-shortened 2020 campaign, Kopps returned to Fayetteville for one final go-round and posted a season for the ages, going 12-1, 0.90 with 11 saves and a dazzling 131-18 K-BB mark in 89.2 innings as the Arkansas stopper. Thanks in large part to his signature cutter — the most dominant pitch in college baseball this season — Kopps held opponents to a .162 batting average. Even working out of the bullpen, the rubber-armed Kopps threw enough innings to qualify for the national ERA title, which he won by 0.39 runs, despite facing the best competition college baseball has to offer (Arkansas faced the toughest schedule in the nation). He was the most important player for a team that won every weekend of the regular season and entered the postseason as the No. 1 national seed.

CWS Finalists Vanderbilt and Mississippi State each placed two players on the All-America First Team, as did East Carolina. Vandy pitchers Kumar Rocker and Jack Leiter both lived up to their first-team preseason All-America billing and landed on the postseason team as well. SEC Player of the Year Tanner Allen and closer Landon Sims represent Mississippi State on the first team. And East Carolina placed second baseman Connor Norby and pitcher Gavin Williams on the first team.

Vanderbilt and NC State are tied for the most total All-Americans with three apiece. Third-team outfielder Enrique Bradfield joins Rocker and Leiter in the Vandy contingent. NC State is represented by second-team outfielder Jonny Butler, third-team outfielder Tyler McDonough, and third-team reliever Evan Justice.

Other teams with multiple All-Americans include Florida State and Notre Dame out of the ACC; Ole Miss and LSU out of the SEC; Stanford and Arizona out of the Pac-12; and Wright State out of the Horizon. The SEC leads all conferences with 12 All-Americans, followed by the ACC (10), Pac-12 (six), and Conference USA (four).

D1Baseball editors and national writers determined the All-America teams based on performance in the regular season and postseason, factoring in quality of competition.

First Team

CMatheu Nelson, Florida State.330/.436/.7731.2095319417236631584
1BNiko Kavadas, Notre Dame.305/.479/.7661.245461548216250532
2BConnor Norby, East Carolina.415/.484/.6591.14361246151551333418
3BTyler Locklear, VCU.345/.515/.6861.2015419412166646408
SSBrooks Lee, Cal Poly.342/.384/.6261.0105522227105718343
OFTanner Allen, Mississippi State.380/.451/.6241.07563245171165223310
OFQuincy Hamilton, Wright State.374/.535/.7711.30648179181565563220
OFColton Cowser, Sam Houston.374/.490/.6801.17055203101652423217
DHAaron Zavala, Oregon.392/.525/.6281.1535519914938503111
UTSpencer Schwellenbach, Nebraska.284/.403/.459.862481831264030449
SPJack Leiter, Vanderbilt1042.0817172010442171.128
SPTy Madden, Texas752.45181810113.244137.188
SPDoug Nikhazy, Ole Miss1222.451615109231142.186
SPKumar Rocker, Vanderbilt1432.52191910117.237173.164
SPGavin Williams, East Carolina1011.8815121181.121130.193
RPKevin Kopps, Arkansas1210.9033101189.218131.162
RPLandon Sims, Mississippi State401.6422001149.11491.161
UTSpencer Schwellenbach, Nebraska310.5718001031.2834.198

Second Team

CHenry Davis, Louisville.370/.482/.6631.1455018491548312410
1BDillan Shrum, Nevada.468/.527/.9681.4953512415154710191
2BJace Jung, Texas Tech.337/.462/.6971.1595620810216749454
3BHunter Wells, Louisiana Tech.385/.456/.6451.1016226220146134371
SSJacob Gonzalez, Ole Miss.355/.443/.5611.0046726216125538342
OFJonny Butler, NC State.376/.452/.6631.11552202121453264516
OFDylan Crews, LSU.362/.453/.6631.11663246161842394412
OFBrock Jones, Stanford.311/.453/.6461.09956206131862495914
DHJacob Berry, Arizona.352/.439/.6761.1156324719177033582
UTPaul Skenes, Air Force.410/.486/.6971.1834818821114322450
SPAndrew Abbott, Virginia962.87191700106.232162.228
SPBrendan Beck, Stanford923.0616152010625138.200
SPGeremy Guerrero, Indiana State1012.0814142099.11498.182
SPMatt Mikulski, Fordham901.4511115068.127124.127
SPAndrew Taylor, Central Michigan1141.8115155094.124125.189
RPBrett Kerry, South Carolina512.151731454.11084.226
RPCarson Palmquist, Miami112.2225001444.2875.143
UTPaul Skenes, Air Force112.7018001126.2930.208

Third Team

CDaniel Susac, Arizona.335/.392/.591.9836124224126519470
1BJT Schwartz, UCLA.396/.514/.6281.142441641284537281
2BJackson Glenn, Dallas Baptist.361/.429/.7171.14658233192053303313
3BAustin Knight, Charlotte.342/.398/.6151.01360234291163154913
SSRyan Bliss, Auburn.365/.428/.6541.0825021114154523306
OFKyle Battle, Old Dominion.319/.464/.6811.1455920715186156377
OFEnrique Bradfield Jr., Vanderbilt.346/.462/.419.881642348138443946
OFTyler McDonough, NC State.339/.423/.6311.05455233211545334813
DHTyler Black, Wright State.383/.496/.6831.17948183141359392511
UTGarett Delano, Mercer.337/.433/.558.991531901395231353
SPRodney Boone, UC Santa Barbara1142.3116161097.139128.165
SPLandon Marceaux, LSU772.54181710102.226116.238
SPNicholas Sinacola, Maine932.0412125079.123139.208
SPHunter Stanley, Southern Miss642.5616151010219127.198
SPParker Messick, Florida State823.101616009023126.234
RPEvan Justice, NC State523.7724401359.22574.188
RPTanner Kohlhepp, Notre Dame723.082310261.12265.195
UTGarett Delano, Mercer614.3215120081.12060.231

85 responses to “Player Of The Year Kevin Kopps Leads D1Baseball All-Americans”

  1. Glad to see Jace Jung make second team at 2nd base. Next year he will play SS for Tech like his brother did.

      • Mainly third base but second half of his final year he played short ; hopefully he is in the BIGS by the end of summer . # Congrats to ALL👍👍

        • With all due respect, he’s had 44 AB & 12 H, few games played–Doesn’t he need more STATS before being called up to “The Bigs”?

          • HAVE YOU SEEN THE TEXAS RANGERS THIS YEAR? They suck and desperately need help. I think Josh has been injured but will move up to triple AAA this year and join the Major league team in September when they expand the roster. If the Rangers are way out of the playoff picture he might play some as he is considered the Ranger 3rd baseman of the future.

      • In 2019 he moved to short and when he did the team caught fire. He played short in the CWS in 2019. His brother Jace played 3rd last year and moved to 2nd this. Tech SS this year will get drafted in about the 5th round and I am certain Jace will take over SS in his 3rd year like his brother did.

  2. Congrats to Kevin Kopps for being named POY, but it is disheartening to see the starts for Kumar Rocker and not see him earning that spot. Am I biased?

    • You had two pitchers make first team and your team got a free pass to the CWS finals. What else do you want? Maybe we should just give Vandy the Ship and tell the Bulldogs to go home.

      • They have 48 wins on the season, and they had ZERO control of what happened to NC State. If you’re close to 50 wins, there isn’t a lot of “free pass” involved.

        And no, I’m not a Vandy guy.

        • You are delusional. When the NCAA declares a no contest and awards a spot in the finals that is a “free pass.” Deal with IT. If you want to get pissed blame the NCAA. THEY CREATED THIS MESS.

          • NCS created this mess. Nobody on the other 7 teams tested positive. NCS had 8 players test positive for COVID throughout the week, so there was an active, spreading infection, and the medical staff could not know how many more might be infected because it takes days for the infection to result in positive test. Remember they all tested negative on Sunday before besting Vandy 1-0 on Monday. A lot of additional testing was necessary to determine which players did not carry a risk of infecting others, and this could not be finished by game time Saturday. They had no choice but to toss the game. Finalists are supposed to be determined on Saturday. NO way could they postpone the game or the rest of the series as some have suggested. NCS gambled and lost. Time to move on.

      • think that is in progress. VU got hot at the right time, then, had the best two P’s in America. Too much to be able to intervene, for any team. Leiter would have beaten NC St. then Kumar wins Gm 1, and Leiter, Gm 3 of the finals. Know they deserved the chance, think it was a bad call to do it the way they did. I mean, use your common sense, where is the damage going to come from if they play Sunday? We have yet to see our first college athlete die from this, at the D1 level. Too many at other levels to make that statement, but is either unreported, or we have had no bad cases in the 18-23 group in D1 sports. Turned to the ridiculous side, like much else of how this virus has been handled. And we can’t even conjure the gonads needed to check into its origin. Very sad, very weak, and if we do not get to check it out, a wasted event, what we learned will be way short of what we could have.

    • I think this post has pushed me over the edge. I am now on the bandwagon for that team from Starkville.

      • Jon, for once I agree with on calling someone an “idiot.” That Whistler is annoying as hell. I talked to that guy at the CWS IN 2019. He has van decorated Vanderbilt Whistler on the side.

        • Most Annoying Fan in the whole World.. Granted, my problem with him is he goes to away games.. And is non-stop.. What he does in Nashville is up to the locals, but at away ballparks, everyone hates the annoying putz..

          • I am in favor of common ground always; if logical points are being made.. The Vandy Whistler is hands down the most annoying fan in the SEC.. I would argue, the whole world..

            • Ark calls the hogs, St has the cowbells, Vandy has Jeff…’s all good in my book.

            • Cowbells are right up there with the Whistler, but I’ve got no problem with cheers, even silly ones like calling the hogs.

            • They are at the home field doing that.. Which is perfectly fine.. The Whistler takes his crap into opposing ballparks to the annoyance of ALL home fans.. And worse, the putz goes non-stop.. When they are doing Pig Suey in Arkansas, it’s at appropriate times (same with the cow bells) and I repeat, AT HOME ballpark

            • Reports are now surfacing that the Miss St fans were directing racial slurs at the parents of the Vandy players last night at the game….that is whole new level of annoyance. Supposedly the Miss St AD was very upset when told of this…..loyal fans are great but there are limits to what is acceptable.

            • What the fuck does that have to do with me and my post??..the whistler is an annoying clown..end of story..

            • And another thing you SOB.. What reports??.. Where??.. Who..??what??.. When??..where is the evidence??.. Don’t feed me bullshit and tell me it’s steak..

            • A fan was removed from the stadium. Both the Miss St and Vanderbilit athletic directors issued statements condemning the behavior. You can call me whatever you wish….it won’t offend me.

            • What the fuck does that have to do with the post?? From me about the annoying Vandy Whistler..???.. Explain??

            • Maybe he thinks you’re a Bulldog…or a racist. Not sure where he could have gotten either idea. The “reports” do appear to be true that at least one drunk redneck Bulldog fan launched some racial slurs at parents of Vandy player(s) – not so clear that the racist fan was removed, may have wisely removed himself from the reach of Tracy Rocker.

            • His response is just one false equivalence after another and the post about the drunk racist has zero to do with anything I posted.. All he should have done is admit the truth that the whistler is annoying and then just moved on ..

            • Why do I care??.. Unreal deflection.. The Vandy Whistler is universally hated within the SEC.. Deal with it

  3. Schwellenbach!!!
    Another awesome well deserved accolade for the former Husker.
    Thanks for noticing all season D1.

  4. Really No Tyler Bosetti who broke a 30 year home run record and led the NCAA in doubles average per game, also lead a team to it’s first Regional in 20 years. He also started and played in every game game at UNR. Not sure who is voting but maybe look to at the totality of everything that makes a player an All American. Also D1Baseball did not even recognize him for breaking the 30 year old record of hitting 10 home runs in 9 consecutive games, but the MLB did.. Sorry but things that make you go Hmmmm.

  5. Hmmm…shortstop voted “Brooks Wallace Award” (deemed best SS in the country) winner not on any of your teams … just hmmmm??

  6. As an SEC fan, this is an outrage. How could someone from Wright State be an All American????? If they were any good, theyd be playing in the SEC? At least for Missouri or Auburn?

    What a joke this is. Wright State/Mercer. All laughable.

  7. Liberty’s Trevor Delaite 12-1 record, 2.27 ERA, 5 CG, 3 SHO, 107.2 IP, 20BB, 88K and was in the final 6 for the Hall of Fame National Pitcher of the Year and a All-America and doesn’t make any of the 3 teams. Must be a Liberty thing.

  8. Call the Kopps is nothing more than the modern version of UCLA’s 2014 closer, David Berg.

    For whatever reason, no one could hit the guy although he had mediocre stuff.

    Expect him to be joining the All SEC, all the time crew of Ben McDonald’s SEC Happy Meal and Blowhard Burke before the 2022 CWS.

    • Conspiracy Theory Guy ..alt account #9..conspiracy theory guy isn’t even too clever with his alt accounts either..a bigger clown than the vandy whistler..

          • This coming from the guy who posts false statistics about Stanford finishing last in the CWS and just posts “THE MIGHTY PAC” copy and pasted 10000 times. Go back to SEC land where all you have is sports.

            • Not 1 of my posts was false.. As always, you are wrong.. Still batting 1.000% for being wrong on every single post..get some need it..

            • Batting 1% on being wrong means the guy is right 99% of the time.

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