Institutions, Coaches Taking Advantage Of Volunteer Income Relief, Practice Flexibility


Volunteer coaches at some college baseball programs will get paid after all, at least as a temporary measure approved by the NCAA in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

With every program effectively in a dead period because of the pandemic, few programs have been allowed to host camps this summer. And if they do, they’ve been limited camps for the younger age groups. As a result, many volunteer coaches and operations people, who rely heavily on funds derived from those camps, have been hurting immensely on the financial front.

Though operations directors aren’t included in this NCAA ruling because they are state/university employees in most cases, volunteer coaches are allowed to accept ‘reasonable’ funds from the institution or institution’s head coach, per an interpretation in the NCAA Division I Bylaw 11. The funds can be distributed as covering meals, housing and items like that, or the school/head coach can distribute funds by way of cash. The caveat? The institution must ensure that the provisions of the benefits do not trigger employment, per the institution’s policy. Any payments or benefits must be reviewed by the university.

It’s worth noting there are currently no guidelines on what is deemed ‘reasonable’ by the NCAA.

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