D1Baseball Weekly Chat: May 6


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Chad: How concerned are you about Oregon State after this past weekend? What do you think this teams ceiling is?
Kendall Rogers: Chad — Let’s see what happens this coming weekend and in the couple of weeks ahead before I commence concerns about Oregon State, but there’s no doubt the Beavers have little margin for error on the mound, especially with an offense that was never going to be great this season. Sometimes teams need a little kick to the teeth, and perhaps this was needed for the Beavs. I would think they’ll come out mad against Oregon. We’ll see.

Dennis: The Hogs have 2 really tough series coming up with LSU and A&M.  What do they have to do to lock up a top 8 seed?  Would 3-3 do it?
Kendall Rogers: Dennis — I think 3-3 in that stretch would put the Hogs in very good shape for a Top 8 seed going into the conference tournament. I never want to make assumptions without considering the conference tourneys because things can certainly change once those begins. But right now? Lookin’ pretty good.

DrewJ09: What would it take for Florida state to be a regional host? If that is even a possibility.
Kendall Rogers: Drew — Not going to happen. RPI isn’t within range at this point, and even if the Noles take the U of L series and then roll through the ACC tournament, there would be plenty of other teams much more worthy of hosting than the Seminoles. Never say never, but I’m not seeing it.

Lance: What are Florida’s chances of making the tournament?
Kendall Rogers: Lance — Florida is in serious trouble. The Gators are now 9-15 with six games left. Let’s say the Gators won their next two series — they’re still 13-17 in the SEC and would need to do some serious damage in Hoover. Remember, UK’s resume dwarfed UF’s last season, but had the same league record, didn’t do anything in Hoover and was left out. Both Tennessee and UF have a lot to play for this weekend, that’s for sure.

JJ: Does Oklahoma State’s strong showing against Oregon State further bolster the Big XII conference – it is a very strong and balanced league that may not get the respect other conferences are getting (Pac-12 & SEC)?
Kendall Rogers: JJ — I’m not sure how balanced the Big 12 is, but I definitely like the teams at the top half. Baylor, Texas Tech, Oklahoma State and even West Virginia are all teams I could see getting to the College World Series with the right matchups. I’m most bullish on Texas Tech, obviously, but Oklahoma State is now right back into the Top 16 hosting discussion with West Virginia likely moving out this week.

Danny : Thoughts on Fresno St at large? Decent rpi for mtn west team and they own a series already over S.D. St with another upcoming
Kendall Rogers: Danny — Will need to win the conference tournament as of now. Don’t think a Mountain West team with an RPI over 50 is getting into the postseason as an at-large team. Won’t happen.

TCU17: TCU seemed to breathe life into their postseason hopes this weekend and showed what they are capable of when they actually show up. Is it too little, too late or is their path for an at-large position still? Hypothetically, if they take both remaining series and avoid a bad loss against Lamar, they’d be sitting at 31-22 and 12-12 in conference before the tournament. Could they get in as an at-large if they made a run to the title game but lost?
Aaron Fitt: Yeah this was a season-saving weekend for TCU. I think if they can get to that 12-12 mark in conference — which would require a series win at Texas Tech that will really boost their RPI — they’ll probably find a way to sneak into regionals.

josh: Well FSU won the Pitt Series so how are they looking for postseason? Does a Richmond Series win and a Louisville series loss still get them in?
Kendall Rogers: Josh — If FSU takes care of business in those two series to close out the regular season, it will be in the postseason. In that event, FSU’s RPI would go up with a U of L series win, and the ACC record would be pretty impressive.

Adam: With Miami hopefully getting back McKendry & McMahon in the next couple of weeks as well as Zamora, what do you think the ceiling for this team is? Can they make a Super Regional & make life difficult for the host team in a Super Regional?
Aaron Fitt: Sure, I think Miami has the talent to make a run at Omaha if they’re healthy and hot at the right time. The fact that the Canes have a seven-game winning streak even despite those key injuries is very encouraging. Dangerous club in the postseason.

Darrell: Miss State has a very powerful 1-2 punch with Small and Ginn. Plumlee is starting to fill in nicely as the 3rd guy but people may forget State was close to nabbing Carter Stewart. Would it even be fair to have had him as a 3rd starter in that rotation? What ever happened to Carter Stewart?
Kendall Rogers: Stewart is dominating JUCO ball over in Florida. He has 108 strikeouts in 74.1 innings for Eastern Florida State College. Yeah, imagine if he was in that rotation, wow. I was impressed with Plumlee in that series finale against A&M. That sinker is a really nice pitch and the breaking ball got sharper as the game continued. Really liked State’s club as a whole.

Joe: Is Mississippi State a pretty sure national seed after last weekend? Do you think they are a legitimate contender to win it all?
Kendall Rogers: State is looking pretty good for a Top 8 right now. Yep. And yes I think the Bulldogs are a contender. They have a very good one-two punch, the bullpen is loaded and the offense is balanced with some tough outs up and down the lineup. There’s not much not to like for the ‘Dogs.

James Easterling: With West Virginia dropping a series a home to TCU, what do they have to do the rest of the year to host a regional? Remaining series: @KSU, vs. GWU
Kendall Rogers: WVU still has an RPI within range of hosting, but it’s now behind some teams in the pecking order. WVU will have to avoid any hiccups against GWU and will need to win that Kansas State series. Even then, that won’t be enough. They’d likely need to go on an impressive run in the conference tournament to host.

TG: With Dalatri out for the year do the Tar Heels have enough pitching to get back to Omaha?
Aaron Fitt: They could, if Baum and Bergner pitch up to their talent level when it matters most. Those guys have big-time stuff, as we all know, but consistency has been an issue throughout their careers, so it’s all about peaking at the right time. Between Lancellotti, Love and O’Brien, I still like the bullpen core, and I think they can piece it together with Grogan, Dotson, Ollio and Sandy in a potential third or fourth regional game. That said — I don’t think UNC is an Omaha favorite right now. But they’re certainly capable of getting back there, and their postseason experience will be an asset.

Jason: After this weekend if Oklahoma State can win the next two conference series and win a couple games in the Big 12 tournament what are the chances they host a regional and do you guys see a way to get a top 8 seed.
Aaron Fitt: Sweeping Oregon State on the road was obviously enormous for Oklahoma State’s hosting hopes. Now they’re up to 12 in the RPI, and if they can win those last two series against Oklahoma and Baylor to finish 14-10 in the Big 12, there’s no question they’ll host, and they could very well sneak into top-eight position with a nice showing in the conference tourney. It’s definitely in play now.

Freddie: Every couple years it seems like the committee decides to make an example of a team with a poor non-conference Strength of Schedule. Are there any candidates to watch on the at large or hosting bubble that may regret their scheduling choices on Selection Monday?
Kendall Rogers: Freddie — The team to watch in that regard if they are on the bubble come Selection Monday could be Arizona State. Say the Sun Devils split their final two weekend series. The RPI would be around 45-50 with a good league record. However, ASU’s Non-Conference SOS is an abysmal 200. The committee might not have much mercy on them, but we’ll see. FSU’s non-conference SOS is awful as well.

seeingidawg: how about the Georgia Baseball team bouncing back last week ? National Seed this year?
Aaron Fitt: Really loud response for Georgia, with no Hancock and Schunk, no less. That pitching is deep, and really, really good. Neat to see Cole Wilcox throw a 7-inning CG in the finale; he’s such a talented guy, and this could be a springboard for him heading into the stretch run. He could be a huge difference maker in the postseason. Yes, Georgia is still on track to be a top-eight seed.

Kyle M: Is there anything A&M can do mid-season to fix this offense? A player’s only meeting or a new approach completely? I thought their arms looked great against State all weekend, which was impressive given how good their offense is.
Kendall Rogers: Kyle — Yeah, A&M’s offense is really bad. That’s probably the worst lineup I’ve seen at A&M since Rob Childress arrived, which is wild. Really, there’s not a tough out in that lineup outside of Shewmake and Mikey Hoehner. I do think Hoehner is better than his stats indicate. A&M seemed to get into a groove offensively when Hunter Coleman was healthy. Maybe when he comes back, they’ll turn things around a little? Probably not — they will need to pitch at an extreme level to get to Omaha.

Ty: Texas Tech is starting to heat up at the right time. Does the break next weekend hurt Tech or is it coming at the perfect time before the final stretch?
Aaron Fitt: I tend to think a hot team would rather keep on playing. It’s not like football where you really need that bye to lick your inevitable wounds. But Tech is good enough to fire it back up and get rolling again after the break. Really talented team that has started to play up to its elite talent level over the last three weeks.

Jeff: Are we sure this is just a down year at Florida because of a young team? There doesn’t seem to be much talent on that team, especially on the mound.
Aaron Fitt: Oh, I strongly disagree with that — I love the young talent, and expect the Gators to be really, really good the next two years as those guys mature. I’ve been surprised at how much Mace and Leftwich have struggled, but their talent is undeniable, and I’ll bet Sully gets them ready to roll as juniors. And I’d expect big sophomore leaps from guys like Nolan Crisp, David Luethje, Nick Pogue and Ben Specht. All those guys have real talent. They just need maturation.

Zeke: Can we talk about Missouri hosting a regional? What do they need to do to get into the top 16? Does it require a series win at Vandy?
Kendall Rogers: Zeke — If Missouri won the Vandy and Florida series and played well in Hoover, you’re right, it would be in striking distance to be a regional host. Taking care of Vandy on the road will be a tough task, but the Tigers have the arms to make interesting for sure.

AztecDude: I saw earlier up a question about Fresno and their prospects for an at-large out of the Mountain West. Does the Same go for SDSU where their RPI is too weak to receive an at large?
Kendall Rogers: Yep. As of right now, San Diego State has an RPI of 69. A Mountain West team is definitely not getting in with that RPI. Will need to win that series at Fresno State this coming weekend, take care of UNM and go on a run in the conference tourney to have a chance at an ATL.

John: Please explain why Mississippi State never seems to get the benefit of the doubt.  The Dogs have played 29 out of a total of 48 games against teams in your present field of 64.  They are 19-10, including 6-5 against your projected regional hosts and 3-3 against your national seeds.  Meanwhile, I can only find one single team in your projected field of 64 that Stanford has even played (which, they lost 2 of 3 to UCLA).  While Mississippi State plays an SEC schedule and also adds Texas Tech, East Carolina, Sam Houston State, Southern Miss, and Samford to their non-conference slate, Stanford literally hasn’t played anyone all season long projected in your field of 64 except for one weekend series, which they lost.  And yet Stanford still gets a pass despite losing to teams like UNLV and UC Davis.  According to you guys’ projections, Mississippi State should clearly be ranked above Stanford.  What am I missing, Mr. Fitt?  Just a gut feeling?
Aaron Fitt: There’s no question Mississippi State and Vanderbilt have better bodies of work than Stanford, and I also think MSU and Vandy are just plain better than Stanford — but I think Stanford is really good too. Look, we’ve been consistent about this for 15 years — if you keep on winning your weekend series, you’re very seldom going to drop. Maybe somebody will leap over you if there’s space, but there’s no space to leap anybody over Stanford. They’re 17-4 in the Pac-12, 34-8 overall — clearly they’ve been very, very consistent, and it’s just hard to justify dropping them until they actually lose a series, or even go 2-2. They’ve only had one week all season in which they lost 2 games — the UCLA series, and they dropped in the rankings that week. But they just haven’t faltered since then. We’re just not going to move a team down after a 3-1 week that included a conference road series win. Sorry.

Todd: Louisiana Tech has struggled to grab even a single win (only one) since just before the Rice series. The tornado obviously has played some part in that, but would wins over LSU and Mississippi State down the stretch be enough to help them get back into the at large conversation?
Kendall Rogers: Todd — Winning those two games would help the Bulldogs, but it’s hard to find a pathway to the postseason without winning the league tournament. La Tech is now five games out of first place (which is substantial) and the RPI is down to 50. I don’t like their chances right now.

Noles 22: Does the committee take into account that FSU has not had to plays UNC, GT, or Duke from the Coastal? That’s amazing!
Aaron Fitt: I think that schedule advantage is baked into FSU’s metrics — there’s a reason its RPI is in the 50s and its top 50 record is just 9-9, despite a 16-11 record in the ACC. That said, if they win that last series at Louisville, it’s hard to imagine then getting left out of regionals with an 18-12 ACC record.

GoPack: NC State finally showed some positive momentum this week even if it was against not great competition.  Will Wilson back in the lineup already made a difference.  How many ACC wins (including the conference tournament) do you guys think it would take to grab a top 16 seed?  19?
Aaron Fitt: I think if the Wolfpack wins those last two series vs. Clemson and at UNC, it will wind up hosting. That would be 18-12 in the ACC, and you’d probably like to see them win one more game in the ACC tourney to lock it up.

Rebel Swag: Has Ole Miss secured a hosting position with Road series win over LSU? Or do we need to win one of the next 2 series against MSU or TN to feel certain?
Kendall Rogers: Rebel — I don’t think the Rebels have secured one for good — but I think they look to be in good position as of right now. With the series win, Ole Miss is up to 17 in the RPI with a whopping 16 wins vs. RPI Top 50 teams. Those are two very strong metrics in their favor, along with a solid 15-9 league mark. Looking good for now but could certainly change.

TournyTime: Who do you least want to see in your region as a host: Cal, Tennessee, Irvine, Sam Houston St?
Kendall Rogers: Give me Tennessee out of that group. Yep, I know the league record isn’t great, but the Vols have the arms to beat anyone in college baseball.
Aaron Fitt: I think the same can be said for Irvine, those arms are really good. Cal and Sam Houston are more offensive, and I really like Sam Houston’s balance overall. The Bearkats are one of my favorite darkhorses to win a regional.

Mitchell: Iowa in the rankings, which is great…but dropping 8 RPI spots after losing yesterday despite taking the series? Michigan’s resume is objectively less impressive, but they’re almost certain to get in at this point while Iowa probably won’t, especially with our schedule the rest of the way. What gives with the numbers there?
Aaron Fitt: Yeah that stuff can be frustrating. Obviously we like Iowa’s resumé more than Michigan’s, that’s why we ranked the Hawkeyes and not the Wolverines. We value high-end series wins, and Iowa has four nice ones (sweeping Illinois, at Oklahoma State, vs. Nebraska and vs. UC Irvine). Michigan doesn’t have a single series win against anything close to a regional team. But as for the RPI — Iowa has 12 games against teams outside the top 200, and those games continue to drag them down. If a bunch of teams you played in February go 0-3 on a weekend in May, it hurts you, even if you have a good weekend against a quality opponent yourself. So you’re right, the RPI is really working against Iowa right now. Going to be a fascinating bubble case.

Grant: With the Pokes huge weekend in Corvallis, do you see the Pokes hosting if they can get to 14-10 in league play?
Kendall Rogers: Grant — that would mean OSU wins series over Oklahoma and Baylor to close out conference going into the Big 12 tournament. If the Pokes do that, they’d certainly have the RPI and league record to host. I  suppose they could fall back out of a host with a terrible showing in OKC, but boy that would set the table for a likely host for sure.

Dan: Looking at ECU’s remaining schedule, we have 2 series against two okay teams hovering just above 100 RPI’s and 2 tougher midweek games  @UNC, and Campbell.  With the way ECU has been playing (11-1 since @UCLA sweep), what do they need to accomplish to get a top 8 seed?  Is the AAC tourney a must win considering the lack of another “elite” team in the AAC like the other 4 major conferences have?
Aaron Fitt: I don’t think a conference tournament title is a must, but it would help, certainly. ECU has a really interesting top-eight case; the RPI is there (currently No. 5), and the committee will love how the Pirates have dominated their league (16-2). But it’s still just 7-6 against the top 50, 1-4 against the top 25 — those numbers will pale in comparison to most of the other top-eight candidates. But it might not matter. If the Pirates win those last two series, and especially if they can also win at UNC and vs. Campbell, I think they’ve got a very good shot at one of those top eight, as long as they don’t go winless in the conference tourney. Or they could take care of business and still wind up outside the top eight, if enough other power-conference contenders finish strong and simply squeeze ECU out. It’s going to be very interesting.

Dissapointed Aggie: Did A&M just lose all hope of hosting with the home series loss to Miss. St?   Also please take us out of the top 25 we are clearly not worthy.
Kendall Rogers: Nope. If the Aggies win series over Alabama and Arkansas, the pathway to hosting is at their fingertips entering the SEC tournament. The Aggies just need to do something offensively. The pitching is there. The offense is not.

Corey: With two series left for Arkansas (LSU & A&M), will one series win lock Arkansas as a national seed? From a national perspective do feel the pitching is good enough to get to Omaha? I watch every game and it just seems that they can’t find a true third starter. Maybe I’m just overreacting though. Thank you!
Aaron Fitt: Yes, I think that’s fair to say: win one of those last two series, and I think you can lock in the Hogs as a top eight. That would get them to 19 or 20 SEC wins, and that top 50 record is already really impressive (19-8). Heck, at this point Arkansas has a shot to be a top eight even if it loses lose last two series, as long as it doesn’t get swept. As for the arms — I always worry a little about teams that have multiple freshmen in the weekend rotation, because there’s a long history of freshman arms wearing down in June, they’re simply not used to that long season. It doesn’t always happen that way (see Kevin Abel last year, as an obvious example), but it is something to keep an eye on.

Luke: Can you see the Missouri valley conference being a three bid league?
Kendall Rogers: I tend to think the Missouri Valley will be a two-bid league with DBU and either Illinois State or Indiana State, but could it be a three-bid league? Obviously. Right now, DBU is sitting at 33 in the RPI, Ill. State is at 31 and Indiana State is at 29. All within striking range.

BestCoast: A month ago it looked like 5 teams from the west would host and now it seems like there is the potential for only 2 (UCLA & Stanford). How much did Oregon State getting swept at home by Okie St (Big 12) CRUSH the west coast? If Stanford falters late, could there only be one host?!?!
Aaron Fitt: Yeah, funny how quickly things went south for the West. Arizona State is out of the hosting mix now, I still don’t love UCSB’s chances (though they’re certainly in the hunt). But I’m not really worried about Oregon State falling out of the hosting mix, the Beavers are just fine. Their top-eight chances certainly took a big hit, though.

Corey S: Asked this question a couple of weeks ago and you were selling, but have you changed your mind and decided to buy that 4 of the top 8 National seeds from the SEC?
Aaron Fitt: I think I was on the fence a month ago, but yeah I think I did expect those teams to beat each other up and leave the SEC with potentially only three (especially since the Pac looked like it was going to have 3 or maybe even 4 national seeds a month ago). But now… yes, I’m buying for sure. Vandy, Miss State, Arkansas and Georgia all feel like very strong bets.

Chandler: What’s your thoughts on Nebraska now, given they keep slumping. Looks like they might not even make the post season the way they’ve been playing especially offensive wise and their schedule is only going to get tougher.
Kendall Rogers: Chandler — Looked good for our postseason field last week, but you’re right, losing a series to Northwestern at this juncture is pretty terrible. The RPI is down to 47. With that said, the Huskers will have earned a spot in the postseason if they take the series from Arizona State and Michigan, there’s no doubt about that. Both of those series are at home, too, so you have to like NU’s chances.

Guest: What is the fewest number of ACC teams that you can possibly see making the tournament? Are FSU-Clemson-Duke fighting for 2 spots?
Aaron Fitt: I think all three of those could easily get in to give the ACC eight bids… but there’s not a lot of margin for error for any of them. Duke is actually in the best shape of the three right now, with a 40 RPI and a 13-11 ACC record, plus that big sweep at Clemson. I’d put FSU next because of its conference record (16-11), even though it’s still outside the top 50 in the RPI. Clemson will be OK if it can go 3-3 in its last two series at NC State, vs. Wake. Less than that, I’d really worry about the Tigers, considering how they’ve collapsed in the second half. Ultimately — I have a hard time envisioning all three of those teams missing out. I think 6 bids is the likely floor for the ACC. The Deacs are right in the hunt too, don’t forget — 12-12 in the league, 49 in the RPI.

Grayson: Baylor has a mid-week game against UT-Arlington and a series against Oklahoma State plus the Big 12 Tournament left. What do the Bears need to do in order to host a regional? Get a national seed?
Kendall Rogers: Grayson — BU won’t get into Top 8 territory IMO with an RPI of 27. Just not sure the Bears have enough opportunities to get to that point. I do think BU is still a host this week. After all, it leads the Big 12, has a Top 30 RPI and has solid metrics (10-6 vs. Top 50, etc). Lose that OSU series and BU could drop out, however.

Jimbo11 : Are the Gators in or out as of today and what is your projection for them making regionals?
Aaron Fitt: Out. They’re 9-15 in the SEC — that’s ugly. I think they need to get to that 14-win mark in the league, which means a 5-1 finish vs. Tennessee, at Missouri. I’ve given the Gators the benefit of the doubt all year long, but I think I’m finally ready to jump ship. I don’t see it happening. It COULD happen, but I no longer expect it.

MIke: Your surprise team for 2019 so far is…
Kendall Rogers: Georgia Tech. I think Aaron and I both thought Tech would be a postseason quality club, but Top 7 at this stage of the season? I didn’t see that coming. Great bounce back year for Danny Hall’s program.
Aaron Fitt: Georgia Tech was my “non-top 25 sleeper” in our preseason staff predictions, so I’m really not overly surprised to see them in the top 10, I always thought they had that kind of upside, just had to prove it. I’m more surprised by what Missouri and West Virginia and Iowa have done — those are all teams currently in our top 25 that weren’t even projected regional teams heading into the year.

Craig: Is there any talk going on about changing the hit by pitch rule that they instituted this year? It has gotten out of hand. With the post season approaching you know it will happen in a big moment and have an impact on a game.
Aaron Fitt: It’s awful, everybody hates it, and I have to imagine it will get fixed before next year.

Eric Simmons : What in the world is up with Texas? They are in danger of going from College World Series to not even making the Big 12 Tournament!
Kendall Rogers: Eric, It’s hard to imagine the same Texas team that swept LSU at home will not even make the NCAA tournament, but that’s reality. UT was never going to be a strong offensive club this season, but the pitching was still talented, albeit young. UT’s bullpen has been an absolute disaster over the past few weeks. UT should be fine next year, but certainly a disappointing season. The Longhorns should never finish dead last in the Big 12. Period.

Ed B: Thoughts on what is going on with baseball in the state of SC. There is a real chance that none of the teams in the state make the tournament. Clemson is on the bubble and trending in the wrong direction. South Carolina is done. It looks like Coastal, CofC and all the other smaller schools have to win the conference tourney to get in. When was the last time SC had nobody in?
Aaron Fitt: It’s pretty crazy, considering that is such a great college baseball state and has been for a long time. I don’t think this is part of some greater trend — there’s nothing wrong with the state of baseball in the Palmetto State. It’s just one of those weird aberration years, a perfect storm of a bunch of teams underachieving. Coastal’s struggles have probably surprised me most of all.

ConcernedHorn: Ouch. Any chance for Texas to make the postseason outside of winning the B12 tournament (if we make it)?
Aaron Fitt: Nope. Texas is done. Even if they sweep their last series, they’ll finish 9-14 in the Big 12. Not gonna happen. Unbelievable collapse in the second half, did not see that coming.

ChantsUp88: At this point in their season, is it safe to say that Coastal has to win the Sun Belt tourney to make a regional?
Kendall Rogers: Chants – Yep. Coastal will need to win the conference tournament to make the field. RPI is sitting at 66 right now and it’s hard to see that going up much at all before the league tourney. Win it all or bust, which is odd considering where this team was a month or so into the season.

Tom d: Is Creighton still within striking distance of hosting? Perhaps if they win out?
Aaron Fitt: Certainly still right in the mix — they’re still No. 25 in the RPI, with a solid 6-2 mark against the top 50, and now they’re back in first place in the Big East at 9-3, percentage points ahead of Xavier. I think Creighton’s in pretty darn good shape, actually.

Guest: A month ago it looked like the West was officially back & there might be 5 hosts. Since then ASU has stumbled, UCSB has taken some hits, & Oregon State got swept at home by Okie St.
Kendall Rogers: Correct. Right now, Oregon State, Stanford and UCLA are your hosting options out West with UC Santa Barbara as another potential host as well. I still don’t think UCSB will host at the end, but we’ll see. It took a step forward by going 4-0 last week. The Gauchos will make things interesting if they finish incredibly strong.

Baseball Buc: Which non-power 5 conference teams are capable of getting to Omaha? There are only two in the top-25.  How can non-power 5 clubs ever do it?
Aaron Fitt: Just gotta be hot at the right time, and it really helps to have a bunch of juniors and seniors with experience and toughness as well as ability — that was the mix that allowed Coastal Carolina to do it. ECU checks all those boxes, for me. And as I mentioned earlier, I think Sam Houston State can be really dangerous in the postseason too.

Mike: Wake forest now in the top 50 of the RPI. What do they need to do to lock up a spot in the postseason?
Aaron Fitt: I think if the Deacs go 3-3 in their last two weekends (vs. Miami, at Clemson) to get to 15-15 in the ACC, I like their chances.

Tony: What margin of error does Iowa have moving forward with the RPI? Seems they have a regional worthy resume, but RPI is not too kind.
Kendall Rogers: Tony — Little margin for error, but Iowa is going to rank really really well with the RAC (Regional Advisory Committee) and the marquee series wins will certainly look impressive to the committee. Iowa’s resume reminds me a lot of Washington last season, who finished at 50 in the RPI but had a strong standing in the Pac 12. Obviously Iowa’s RPI is down to 57 after the weekend, so it’s not the same, but that’s the closest comparison I can think of at the moment.

Bill: What do you make of the job Steve Beiser has done this year at Mizzou? Hard to imagine expectations were very high outside the Tigers’ locker room and now they’re in good position to make the field.
Aaron Fitt: He’s such a good coach, and he’s done an amazing job to get the most out of this Mizzou club. I enjoyed spending some time with Bieser this weekend in Knoxville — he’s a great baseball man, and I think his even-keeled, steady leadership style has worked wonders. He’d be on my national coach of the year watch list for sure.

Joe: What are Michigan’s chances of hosting a regional?
Kendall Rogers: Joe — Michigan could win the league and have an RPI within range given its opponents the final two weeks of the season. However, it’s hard to see them hosting right now with Michigan’s overall resume. It just lacks quality wins outside of one game against UCLA. That Big Ten race has captivated me down the stretch.

Brandon: At this point in the season, do both of you guys have a pool of teams who you consider as the leaders/favorites to win the CWS?
Aaron Fitt: For me, the pool is UCLA, Vandy, Mississippi State in tier one… then Arkansas, Stanford, Louisville, Georgia Texas Tech and ECU in tier two. Just my gut feeling based on bodies of work and the “eyeball” test, taking into account which teams are the most balanced, which have weaknesses that I think could be exploited, and also experience.

Dillon: Does Pat Casey announce he’s coming back while the Beavs are playing postseason baseball, or is an agreement made and he takes over, effective the end of the season. Answer this please.
Kendall Rogers: My understanding is that Pat Casey has to inform the school by June 1 if he’s returning or not — but I would suspect he will keep it quiet until the Beavers finish the season. Personally, I think Casey comes back this summer. We’ll see.
Aaron Fitt: OK folks, that’s all for me today. Great questions as always! Thanks for stopping by, see you next week.

Danny : Regarding the Big10 I see Michigan, Illinois ,IU & Iowa safely in with Nebraska with work to do. Agree?  Minnesota got off to a tough start and I dont see rpi bolstering opportunities for them
Kendall Rogers: Danny — I think you’re on the right track. I feel pretty good about the first three, and Iowa as well. Iowa’s RPI might not be amazing, but that’s a strong resume. Nebraska has some work to do IMO.

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