2021 College Baseball Coaching Carousel

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After a season with no college baseball, the 2021 campaign has been a wild one with several coaches choosing to announce their retirements, while some programs will be looking for a new direction, and a new head coach.

As always, D1Baseball has you covered as we navigate the newest edition of the College Coaching Carousel.

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21 responses to “2021 College Baseball Coaching Carousel”

    • I think it’s a matter of time on Nate. He has been mentioned for jobs in the past. That’s the nature of success. Don’t know about Hobbs. He’s a pitching analytics guru. Would assume he would want to be a head coach.

  1. Sorry to hear that Eric Madson is no longer at Utah Valley. He’s a solid individual who led them into Division 1 competition.

  2. LSU fans buckle up. This hire is not good. Yeskie’s choice tells you everything you need to know. Baseball AD’s and their retreads and boosters. Rice hire-disaster, ASU hire- disaster. The guy lobbied for the seated coach to get fired. Karma is a ______. Fullerton contemplating Serrano? Why? It is becoming farcical.

  3. How much chance do you think there is that Kevin O’Sullivan takes the San Diego job? I think a slim to none chance!

  4. Why would Jay Johsnon go to a yesterday’s news program like LSU? In the last 20 years, they have won as many Nattys as Fresno State in baseball. How the mighty have fallen.

    Guess theyre paying him a $1M a year – prolly just going for the money. LSU aint what it used to be.

  5. This movement of kids from Arizona to LSU is indicative of the type of guy LSU just hired. Those kids did not just do this on their own, they were recruited. He has a napoleonic complex the size of the bayou. Way to burn bridges little man, Arizona gave you your first power 5 shot, paid you well, and let’s be honest that school recruits itself it is warm and if you have a pulse you get in.

    • Almost every coach who was hired by a Power 5 program attracted players from his former program. Did they all “recruit” those players or did those players just want to play for that coach regardless of where they coached? You would have to ask the players. With the advent of the transfer portal offering “no fault” movement possibilities, why wouldn’t players who like the coaches who initially recruited them want to move with them? It makes perfect sense to me.


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