CWS: Day Four In Pictures

College World Series

Okay you guys, gonna have to do a speed round here tonight. But I’m sure you know what the skinny is about today. There were only two games played in this rain-ravaged College World Series. The morning game (which had an inhumane 10am start time) saw Mississippi State rout North Carolina 12-2 in a winner’s bracket game and Florida eliminated perennial power Texas 6-1 in the afternoon game.

The evening game between unbeaten Arkansas and unbeaten Texas Tech got pushed to Wednesday morning. And depending on when you’re reading this, it’s projected to be a very rainy Wednesday, so the entire schedule of games could be pushed to Thursday. All I’m saying is don’t be surprised if this CWS schedule gets pushed back an entire day… which always sucks. 

So without further ado, here are the best images that Lady StitchHead and I came up with from Tuesday’s games.



The Bulldogs send the Tar Heels down to the Loser’s Bracket as they move on to the bracket title round on Friday.

Yeahhhhh! Westburg is hailed as a hero upon returning home with four RBI to his credit.


Tar Heel All American Michael Busch had a tough outing, going 0-for-4 at the plate. But high him credit for getting his glove on this tough throw.


Ashton McGee looks at 3rd base umpire Travis Katzenmeier for a ruling after his running path toward third was interrupted by MSU shortstop Luke Alexander.


Star of the Twin Killing. Hunter Stovall throws over a sliding Ike Freeman to start the double play that killed another Tar Heel rally.


Just a wee-bit off. The only real botch of the day came when State right fielder Elijah MacNamee completely lost this pop fly in the sun and gave Ashton McGee a triple.


Arrrrrrgh! It got to the point where the Tar Heels were having trouble making routine plays in that fateful eighth inning, including this simple force out at home where third baseman Kyle Datres and catcher Brandon Martorano couldn’t make the pitch-and-catch to make the out at home.


… as mentioned, another play at the plate goes Mississippi State’s way. Well done Dogs, you got your MoJo going.



The Gators got a three-run homer from Jonathan India in the sixth inning, breaking open a nip-and-tuck game with Texas and leading the Gators to what would be a breezy 6-1 win.


THE story of the game. Jonathan India puts his full extension into this three-run home run that made this game a boat race from the sixth inning onward.


Texas All American Kody Clemens can only admire the long salvo that Jonathan India blasted into the Longhorn dugout.


India gets the helmet-clacking honors after touching home plate and putting this game out of reach.


Just like has been the bugaboo for the Gators over the last month or so, they bungled a few base running blunders, costing them some runs. Here, Jonathan India gets caught in a pickle between second and third.


The ever-present rains started pouring down in the 7th inning as you can see here with North Carolina second baseman Blake Reese missing out on tagging a UT runner. Fortunately, the rain didn’t last long, going for a full inning at the most.


Check out the flex on Wil Dalton’s Easton bat. Talk about a trampoline effect.


The last run of the Longhorn season is scored by Austin Todd in the bottom of the eighth inning.


The Longhorns gather for one last “Eyes of Texas” sing-a-long before they exit the field. Head coach David Pierce said in the post game press conference “I’m telling you this team has NOTHING to be ashamed of. It was a great season.” True Dat.

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