A tale of two games. The Beavers had a wee-bit more fun after the rain delay.


CWS: Day Three In Pictures

College World Series

C’mon Mother Nature, give us a stinkin’ break. Stop being so moody and let us play our games, wouldja? You are so starved for attention and so insecure. We start playing our games and having a good time and then YOU come around blustering through like you’ve got some sick kind of agenda to throw a wet blanket on anyone enjoying themselves. 

For the second day in a row we ran into a rather lengthy rain and lightning delay at the College World Series. As you probably saw, just when the drama of a bases-loaded situation came up, electricity flashed from the sky within eight miles of TD Ameritrade Park. Then came the sprinkles. Then came the rain. Yesterday the 2-four, 49-minute delay during the Texas-Arkansas game was bested by today’s 4-hour, 31-minute delay during the Oregon State-Washington game. And yes, the Beavers had the bases-loaded when first base umpire Bill Van Raaphorst saw the first bolt of lightning. 

But as you saw, that delay apparently just rejuvenated the Beavers as they turned a 6-5 deficit into a 14-5 boatrace-type of rout. A bases-loaded walk upon the resumption of play and then a three-run homer by Kyle Nobach took the wind out of the sails of the Huskies and the drama out of the game. And in case you didn’t know, the Mississippi State-North Carolina game got pushed to Tuesday morning at 10am Omaha time.

So the Battle For Bigfoot Country went to Oregon State, three out of four games between these two teams this year. OSU goes on to figure out their pitching matchups moving forward and the Huskies head back home with the pride of knowing they reached the Promised Land for the first time in program history. 

FYI, previous to this the Dawgs had been to within a win of Omaha on three previous occasions; 1959, 1994 and 1997. Good to see they made it this time and set a precedent.

Here are the images of today’s lone game…

Talk about putting the bat on the ball. The Huskies got things going early with a two-run RBI double from Nick Kahle, which put them up 3-0 in the third inning.


Pure Energy. Mason Cerrillo got the offense cranking with three hits in his four at-bats.


As if Grunge Rock was playing in their dugout. The Dawgs did some Dugout Dancing as they took an early lead and had all the momentum.


The Huskies embrace the “Joog” chant ever since the Utah series in early May. The saying comes from San Francisco Bay area when natives Joe DeMers and Willie MacIver adopted it. “Joog” means something that is good. In other words, a Husky home run is “joog.”


It’s difficult to describe how huge it was for head coach Lindsay Meggs to lead a team from Washington to make it to the College World Series. This is a program that has to overcome so many obstacles, including location, facilities (at the beginning) and the tough academic standards at the school. Great season to say the least.


Washington fans were so excited to be at the College World Series, they rushed through their sign making without checking for REALLY BAD typos.


The Beavers had an impromptu team meeting in the dugout before the fifth inning, having fallen behind at 3-0. It must’ve worked because the Beavs scored four runs in the inning to take their first lead.


The swing that changed the game… After the rain delay, this Kyle Nobach 5th inning swing sent a salvo to the right field bleachers and put OSU up for good.


Despite an obvious 35-inch vertical, Udub’s Kaiser Weiss couldn’t catch up to Nobach’s big hit.


Preston Jones took over for the gingerly Steven Kwan and immediately ripped a 2-run double to put the Beavers on the board. Even the designated “bat boy”, the 65-year old Steve Caruthers, who is a rather rich man and loves to be the Beaver bat boy only on road games, gets into the yelling game.


Oregon State’s Kevin Abel and Michael Gretler set up for a Washington sac bunt.


Beaver joy. Michael Gretler’s RBI double in the seventh inning help OSU leap over Udub on the way to victory.


Freshman Kevin Abel threw 17 pitches before the rain delay and 41 pitches after the delay to pick up his fifth win. Abel gave up just one hit and one run in 4.0 innings.


Udub centerfielder Braiden Ward made a great effort to make this sliding catch, but somehow missed it as the ball fell under his glove.


The meandering college career of Joe Wainhouse came to an end tonight with the help of this caught-looking strikeout.


A painful finish for the Dawgs, but in a few days they’ll realize they set a helluva precedent for the program in making their first trek to Omaha.

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