CWS Title Series In Pictures, Game Two

College World Series

Oh we’ve seen this scenario before.


A big bully national power comes to the CWS finals and brings nearly the entire state with them, along with the entire state’s food supply. They take up nearly every seat in TD Ameritrade Park and are loud as sirens when they get riled up.


Only problem is, both of the teams I’m referring to have had very little to cheer about.


In 2013, the entire state of Mississippi was in Omaha for the best-of-three finals to see Mississippi State take on UCLA. But the Bruins dominated so thoroughly, 3-1 and 8-0, you barely heard the stadium erupt at all.


Fast forward to 2017. Same thing, on two. LSU turned the TD Ameritrade stands into a purple and gold Jackson Pollack painting, but we barely heard from them. Not as dominant as UCLA was, the Gators still took two straight from the Tigers, 4-3 and 6-1, that before you knew it the entire stadium was filing out in a quiet, somber procession.


The Gators scored an unearned run in both the first and second innings and also got a great start from freshman Tyler Dyson on the mound to put the screws to the Tigers. The worst part for the bursting-at-the-seams LSU fans was that the Gators kept the Tigers scoreless in a pair of 1st-and-3rd with no out situations in both the seventh inning and the eighth inning, and that just deflated the Bayou Bengals.


So here we are for the first time ever saying “The Florida Gators are national champions.” Been a long time coming too. The Gators went winless in 2005 and 2011 in the finals vs. Texas and South Carolina respectively. But like the Bruins of 2013, they waited until they were badly outnumbered in Omaha before they put together a constricting two straight wins to earn their national title as the “villain” in a stadium full of biased fans against them.


I’m sure that part made this title even more sweeter to win for the Floridians.


Here are the images I snapped from the game tonight…


It’s a Gator-Pile! The Florida Gators start to pile upon each other after the final out of the college baseball season.


The Gators started the day by watching a very funny video of themselves on the jumbotron before taking the field.


The LSU Tigers looked ready to go tonight as well, aiming to gain revenge for the game one loss to the Gators.


Freshman Tyler Dyson got just his second start of the season and came through with flying colors, improving to 4-0 on the year.


LSU right-fielder Greg Deichmann makes an acrobatic catch as Gator baserunner Dalton Guthrie has yet to leave the base to head toward third base. The LSU fans behind the third base photo well kept saying how horrible of a call it was that the umpires judged that Guthrie did not leave the bag early. Clearly you can see here that he didn’t.


Deacon Liput paced the Florida offense with three RBI on a 2-for-5 night at the top of the Gator order.


Jared Poche had a decent outing, not giving up an earned run in 5.2 innings.


Tyler Dyson did everything right, including making put-outs from his freakin’ knees.


The Gators bench does that raised fist thing again after Dalton Guthrie’s RBI single in the second inning.


Liput’s hit resulted in Nick Horvath scoring a run and getting a big welcome back in the dugout from his Gator mates.


Poche ended up going into the sixth inning but turned out to be the hard-luck loser tonight despite not giving up an earned run.


The Florida bench erupts after Johnathan India start the scoring in the pivotal eighth inning.


Andrew Baker gets a face-full of home plate dirt as he adds to the onslaught of the Tigers in the eighth inning.


… Baker then gets up and gives it an echoing yell, realizing that his team is now comfortably ahead 5-1.


After the final out the Gators dugout erupted onto the field to go formulate the dog pile.


Nick Horvath gets the most air of any of the Gators as they form the celebratory dog pile.


LSU players can’t believe the Gators are the national champions, taking note of the dog pile and celebration that is going on without them.


Arrrrrgh, the pain is real. The LSU players can’t believe their season came to an end without a national title.


The Gators celebrate their national championship with the trophy on the temporary stage they set up near home plate.


Coach Kevin O’Sullivan has a new best friend.


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