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2024 Midseason Field of 64 Projections


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The halfway point of the 2024 college baseball season is already here, and with that, we have our first Projected Field of 64 as the second half begins.

Remember, a portion of the midseason projections are what has happened to date, while another aspect of the midseason field is projecting how teams will finish the season. In other words, this field will almost certainly change dramatically between now and Selection Monday.

With that said, here’s how our midseason field stacks up: Arkansas is the top overall national seed, while Clemson, the ACC leader, is the No. 2 national seed after already accumulating series wins over South Carolina, Florida State and Duke. Texas A&M is red-hot and comes in at No. 3, while the top five is rounded out by North Carolina and Oregon State. Other teams that are top eight seeds include Tennessee, Florida State and East Carolina, while Duke and Vandy are the next two teams to watch.

Overall, the SEC has six of the Top 16 seeds in the midseason field, while the ACC has five teams. Other leagues with one representative include the Pac-12, Big Ten, Big 12, Conference USA and American Athletic Conference.

In terms of overall bids in the field, the SEC leads the way with 11 bids, which would be an NCAA tourney record should that number be chosen on Selection Monday. The ACC is next up with nine bids in the field, while the Big 12 has seven, the Pac-12 has four and the Sun Belt has three with plenty of room to add more.

There are some storylines to watch until our next projection in a couple of weeks. For instance, UCF leads the way for the Big 12 at the moment, but there is not a more wide open league in our sport. TCU seems to have regained its balance, Texas is 3-0 in Big 12 series, Oklahoma can still bounce back and Oklahoma State is trending up in a big way. Meanwhile, the Pac-12 race outside of Oregon State is pretty much wide open. Oregon, Arizona and Utah are in this week, but the teams in the field could change over the next couple of weeks, especially if clubs such as USC or California get hot. Stay tuned.

Our projections are assembled each week by the trio of Mark Etheridge, Kendall Rogers, and Aaron Fitt. Together, the trio has more than 60 years of experience covering college baseball and putting together regional projections.

Fayetteville, Ark.Orlando, Fla.
1. Arkansas* (1)
2. Oklahoma
3. Utah
4. Little Rock*
1. UCF* (16)
2. Georgia
3. Southern Miss
4. Grand Canyon*
Clemson, S.C.Lincoln, Neb.
1. Clemson* (2)
2. Coastal Carolina*
3. Arizona
4. Sacred Heart*
1. Nebraska* (15)
2. LSU
3. Creighton*
4. Saint Louis*
College Station, TexasCharlottesville, Va.
1. Texas A&M (3)
2. Louisiana
3. Texas
4. Lamar*
1. Virginia (14)
2. TCU
3. Rutgers
4. Bryant*
Chapel Hill, N.C.Dallas
1. North Carolina (4)
2. South Carolina
3. Maryland
4. USC Upstate*
1. Dallas Baptist* (13)
2. Oklahoma State
3. Oregon
4. Fresno State*
Corvallis, Ore.Gainesville, Fla.
1. Oregon State* (5)
2. UC Irvine*
3. Portland*
4. North Dakota St.*
1. Florida (12)
2. Kansas State
3. Miami
4. Army*
Knoxville, Tenn.Lexington, Ky.
1. Tennessee (6)
2. Wake Forest
3. Northeastern*
4. Bowling Green*
1. Kentucky (11)
2. Indiana State*
3. Kansas
4. Northern Kentucky*
Tallahassee, Fla.Nashville, Tenn.
1. Florida State (7)
2. Alabama
3. Kennesaw State*
4. Bethune-Cookman*
1. Vanderbilt (10)
2. Virginia Tech
3. UC Santa Barbara
4. Samford*
Greenville, N.C.Durham, N.C.
1. East Carolina* (8)
2. NC State
3. San Diego
4. Niagara*
1. Duke (9)
2. Mississippi State
3. Campbell
4. Columbia*
Last Four In: Rutgers, Arizona, Kansas, CampbellFirst Four Out: St. John’s Boston College, Texas Tech, West Virginia