Oklahoma won its way to the Big 12 Tournament championship game with a close shave vs. Kansas State.


Big 12 Tournament Wrap: Day Four


ARLINGTON, Texas — Three games in the books today, two blowouts and one white-knuckler. 

Oklahoma State and Texas traded blowouts; OSU put an 8-1 woodshed job on Texas in the 9am game and Texas got revenge in the final game, pasting the Pokes 9-2.

In between that, Kansas State nearly pulled off another big upset, but eventually succumbed to Oklahoma, 4-3. The Sooners just keep on chuggin’ along and stay in their hot streak fast lane, bumping up their RPI as well (more on that in a bit). 

So that sets up Sunday night’s winner-take-all Big 12 title game between natural-born[…]