Off The Top Of My Head: Lockdown Edition


So StitchHeads, how is this 2020 rain delay going for you guys?

Yeah I know, this sucks. Right now, not only would the lovely sport of college baseball still been gracing us with its presence, but we’d also be in the middle of the NCAA hockey tournament. Oh and there is also the fact that we are missing out on the national championship run of Creighton’s basketball team in the March Madness/Big Dance. And don’t forget, we are also missing out on seeing Tim Corbin’s favorite team – the Boston Bruins – continue to play the best hockey in the NHL… Dammit.

Are you like me? You want 2019 back again. Didn’t think I’d ever say that, but here we are. Please just let me close my eyes, say “CandyMan” three times and then POOF! It’ll be 2019 and we’ll have a complete do-over once again.

Anyway, sitting here in #StayAtHome isolation (besides the daily dog walk and getting out on my motorcycle since the freeways in L.A. are apocalyptically empty), I’ll start this week’s edition of Off The Top Of My Head with a quick rewind on the best performances of the month-long 2020 college baseball season…

It was a short season, sure, but Holy Toledo did I ever see some great performances. I got a little lucky, of course. In week three alone, I happened to catch three epic mound efforts, two in Minneapolis at the Cambria Classic and one in Houston at the Shriner’s Classic. Nonetheless, here are the best of the best I saw from the mound in the calendar year 2020.

5- John Beller, USC
Versus: Vanderbilt on March 7th
Highlights: 8.0 innings, two hits.
Beller is a baller. Make no mistake, he’s a bulldog too. On the second pitch of the game against the defending national champions, leadoff hitter Tate Kolwyck smashed a solo shot home run to left-center field to immediately give the ‘Dories a 1-0 lead. JustLikeThat. But Beller settled in after that, going 8.0 innings and giving up just one more hit on the way to a 2-1 Trojan win. With him and Kyle Hurt at the top of the weekend rotation, it would’ve been interesting to see how USC’s season would’ve turned out.

4- Max Meyer, Minnesota
Versus: North Carolina on February 28th
Highlights: Career high 14 strikeouts.
I knew going into this game that Meyer was one of the best pitchers to see in all of D1. And after making my flight from L.A. to Minneapolis, he did NOT disappoint. Despite losing to TCU the week before, Meyer made amends against the Tar Heels, striking out a career-high 14 batters, even though it seemed like he struck out 37. According to our own Dave Seifert, who was in attendance, Meyer was also hitting 97 on the gun that night. Whooooosh!


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