Off The Top Of My Head: The Omaha Edition


Man, this is a tough week. I’m sure all you StitchHeads out there can understand that. As you might know this past weekend was supposed to be the opening weekend of the College World Series in Omaha. I was depressed enough knowing that on Friday night, as I was grilling out a couple of filets on my backyard grill with a spot of Bulleit Rye, I was instead supposed to be at The Drover of 72nd Street in Omaha for our annual Whiskey Filet dinner for $45.95 along with a couple of Jack-n-Ginger’s for another $10 bucks a shot (It could be more, I just don’t remember the drink prices).

Then on Saturday afternoon I was depressed to see that I sitting on my couch at home in SmogLand and wasn’t down in the photo wells at TD Ameritrade Park sweating my arse off to get some killer pics of the first game while the heat index climbed well into triple digits. And I was bummed out on Saturday night since I wasn’t watching a second game of the series while all the workers from the NCAA surprised me with a chocolate malt from Zesto while the people around me in the press box complained, “Why did YOU get one of those? Where is mine?”

Damn. This sucks you guys. NO COLLEGE WORLD SERIES? You kidding me? What has it been, since 1949 that the June Classic wasn’t played in Omaha? Gah!

Meanwhile for this week’s version of Off The Top Of My Head, I thought I would take a different tilt on the best June sporting event in the history of the world. I mean we all know the top teams in the history of our sport; those mighty USC teams that have won 12 national titles, the Oklahoma State teams that showed up each and every year of the 80s, the LSU teams that dominated the 90s, the back-to-back champs of Stanford of 87-and-88, Oregon State of 06-and-07 and South Carolina of 10-and-11, and the recent Vanderbilt teams that seem to dominate our sport with little remorse for anyone’s feelings. Re: The Terminator.

But what about the bad teams? Who are some of the weakest teams in the history of our sport that have happened to make it to the College World Series? I’m not sure if I’ve ever read a column about the teams that were really really really lucky to play in Omaha. And yes, this isn’t a way to slam teams for not doing well, it’s merely a way to explain the teams who had the weakest computer rankings and still overcame to make it to Omaha – which I guess is a really a giant compliment now that I think of it.

So I’ll go ahead and break this up into two parts; the modern field of 64 era and the pre-field of 64 era. I know, it took a ton of research to come up with this list. But there are no games to cover so, here you go…


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