Off The Top Of My Head: The Regionals Edition


LOS ANGELES — As you guys know, this past weekend was the weekend that would’ve been the beginning of the NCAA tournament. That is 64 teams full of national championship dreams getting underway in games across the country. There is a lot to miss about this week; the selection show on Memorial Day, The first 9am pitches from Regionals out on the East Coast, the 1am finishes of the Regionals out on the West Coast, the studio updates, hell, the quad-box for crying out loud.

Man, I really miss this weekend. It is probably my favorite weekend of the entire season. It’s the weekend that brings us a large amount of upsets, close calls and stunning 0-and-2 finishes. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the biggest single game upsets that we have seen in the modern era (or *sorta* modern) of the NCAA Tournament.

These games are all very debatable of course but here are the five biggest upsets in the modern history of the post-season, according to me:

5- 1977 West Regional – finals
Cal St. Los Angeles – 5, 7
Southern California – 4, 6
This isn’t as Earthshaking of an upset as you might think, because the Diablos (as they were known then – much cooler than their current ”Eagles” nickname) were a good team. But keep in mind they had lost to No. 1 ranked USC 9-0 and 15-2 earlier in the season as part of a 6-7 start. Jack Deutsch’s charges rallied and beat USC twice on the same day in dramatic fashion to go to the College World Series. Once there, they became the darlings of Omaha because of their pre-game “shadow ball” routine and their mock-singing of the USC fight song in the dugout. Of course, since then Cal State L.A. has dropped to Division II status.


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