Columbia hopes to be dogpiling like in 2015 at the Ivy League Playoffs this coming week.


Off The Top Of My Head: Week 14


This is THE time of the year I actually love the most. I really do. The first day of the Regionals feels like Christmas Day, I know. And the first day of the College World Series is always something special. And nothing beats the geeking out we all do on the opening day of the season. But this is the weekend before the conference tournaments. That is when we have nearly all of the teams in Division I are still playing ball and everyone is fighting for their lives. Nobody wants their season to end short of their goals. It’s college baseball nirvana, man.

It’s also the time of year when some of the mid-majors are already in postseason mode, including my favorite postseason showdown; the Ivy League Playoffs. (I don’t know why it is that I love guys WAAAAY smarter than me that are playing baseball and in a matter of months are going to be making a ton of money – which I have no idea what that feels like, but I digress.)

As you guys have probably seen from my posts this past week already, the season of dog piles has begun. Last week, I went to the Great West Conference (D2 ball) regular season title game and got to see the Azusa Pacific Cougars do a wild celebration after beating Point Loma Nazarene. Since then the NCAA D2 selection committee awarded the Cougars a host spot in the West Regionals.

This week, I’m going to try to get up to New Haven, Connecticut so I can see the Columbia-Yale best-of-three to decide the Ivy League champion. I tell ya’, it’s a good time to be alive. As I said on SiriusXM’s College Sports Radio station with Chris Childers earlier this week, I almost get a contact high just from all the late-season drama that is going on. Teams fighting to make their conference tournaments. Teams winning their playoffs. Teams taking their regular season championships.

Man, I wish I could re-live these next 11 days over and over, like this was the movie Groundhog Day.

Now, on to what is going on… off the top of my head.



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