OSU’s Larnach Makes Bold Statement


SURPRISE, Ariz. — It’s special to see a premier hitter locked in like no other. Their confidence is obvious, and their swings look like the model of perfection.

That was Oregon State outfielder Trevor Larnach on Opening Weekend, as he tallied an asinine .889 batting average in three games, along with two doubles, three homers and seven RBIs. Most impressive? He also had a ridiculous 3.034 OPS. Video game numbers.

“I was just looking for anything up, really, this weekend. I felt pretty good coming into this game today,” Larnach said. “I thought teams would adjust to it [how he hit the past two days], and they tried to get me to bite on some sliders and changeups. But I didn’t go for it, and I was just getting some good pitches to hit.”

It was a weekend to remember for Larnach, who helped his team to three victories, but who also put on an absolute show in front of a massive group of scouts. As one coach in the event told me, “He made himself some serious dough this weekend.” Larnach was the talk of Surprise Stadium, and there was a special buzz in the air when he stepped into the batter’s box by Sunday.

“Well, obviously his performance this weekend has been outstanding. I think he was on base every time except once, but he’s really locked in, and you just know it by looking at him hit,” Oregon State coach Pat Casey said. “He’s worked so hard to fix some of the things he felt needed to fix in order to improve. He’s doing a great job with his lower half, and he’s opening things up. His vision and confidence, it’s just way up, and you can just tell.”

Though no one saw this type of weekend coming from Larnach, him breaking out to an extent this spring is anything but a surprise. Larnach, ranked as the No. 48 college prospect in our preseason rankings, arrived at OSU with high expectations, but an injury his freshman year led to some struggles.

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