TCU didn't have a horrible week but needs a marquee series win soon.


The Ouch List: Week Eight


As Hans and Franz would say, no pain, no gain.

As Nick Lowe would sing, You’ve gotta be cruel to be kind.

Or as Chet Waterhouse would exclaim, you gotta PLAY… WITH PAIN!

You get the idea. Like it or not StitchHeads, we’re into the masochistic thing here at the Ouch List. That’s what athletic competition is based upon.

So with pain being such an essential part of our sport, we know that if you want to be successful you’ve gotta put in the hours and get out of your comfort zone, right? It’s true.

But there IS a limit here. Sometimes teams go off the expected spectrum and end up a in a world of hurt. That’s where the Ouch List comes in. For teams that have gone beyond the expected amount of pain and just find themselves in a bad place.

… A world of pain, if you will.

Oh wait, that reminds me. “World of Pain.” Let me cue up a famous scene from John Goodman’s over-the-edge character in the movie The Big Lebowski…


“You’re entering a world of pain Smokey.”

How perfect is that? It’s as if Walter Sobchak is our pain ambassador for The Ouch List this week. So perfect. Well, with that in mind, let’s assign our seats on this week’s Pain Train, starting with the team I saw today…

What Happened: Went 1-2 at home vs. Oklahoma
Why It Hurts: Only because I happened to be there.
Sorry Frog fans, if I didn’t make my way to Fort Worth for games two and three between Oklahoma and TCU, I can’t imagine a reason why to put them on the Ouch List. But I’ve got to post some pictures and talk a little bit about what I saw. I mean, OU is good. TCU is scuffling a bit, sure. But going 1-2 against Big 12-leading Oklahoma is not a big shame. Still, you gotta go with what you know. And what I know is that if you would’ve asked me at the beginning of the season if OU beating TCU two-of-three would be considered an upset, I’d’ve said yes, unequivocally. That’s why the Frogs are here. Today, in a Sunday doubleheader, the two teams split a pair of games. The Sooners won the first game 6-3, clinching the series win and keeping them unbeaten in Big 12 play at 8-0. But the Frogs came back and salvaged the getaway game 6-2.

I’ve already posted some pics from today’s first game, so here are a few more images of the second game of the day which saw TCU take down the Sooners.


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