Oklahoma would sooner just leave this week in the rear-view mirror.


The Ouch List: Week 11


Ahhhhh, the end of April is near. That can only mean one thing: the cruelest month of the college baseball calendar is almost here. As the old saying goes, April showers bring May… tears. At least that is how it is when you are put on the Ouch List.

Once again, the Ouch List is wrought with teams regretting their performances this week and wishing they had a do-over. Sorry guys, this ain’t a friendly game of golf. No mulligans allowed. Your poor play will be on full display once again in our weekly look around the most painful weeks in our sport.

So while we’re wondering how Alice Cooper would welcome these teams aboard the Pain Train…

… here is this week’s edition of the list no team wants to be on.

The Ouch List…


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