Notre Dame came oh-so-close to winning the series at Florida State.


The Ouch List: Week Five


Oh man, it must be the beginning of conference play because the Ouch List is loaded to the gills. No space for any add-ons, standbys or overflow crowds. We are seeing more and more national powers and high-ranking teams taking it on the chin as the weeks climb. The message here… it doesn’t matter who you are, who you play or how important you think you are, the Ouch List does not discriminate. If you suck, you go on the list. And be warned, the Ouch List will find you.

Here are the victims on the Pain Train for this week…

What Happened: Swept in three games at Arkansas by combined score of 39-15.
Why It Hurts: Because some might be wondering if Kentucky is “Kentuckying”
I know, I know, low blow there Bald-E. But to my defense we have seen this Big Blue program get out to some blazing starts before conference play kicks in, only to find them wilt and miss the NCAA tournament altogether. Here are some of the recent starts they’ve had and the records they ended the season with…

2000: 15-0, 38-20-1, no NCAAs
2005: 12-4, 29-27, no NCAAs
2010: 14-3, 31-25, no NCAAs
2013: 13-2, 30-25, no NCAAs
2015: 13-4, 30-25, no NCAAs
2016: 11-4, 32-25 , no NCAAs

*Disclaimer: No, I am not saying that this will happen this year. In fact, I’m with Kendall Rogers on this one, early season road sweeps happen all the time in the SEC. Florida got swept in its opening weekend of SEC play last year and seemed to finish the year pretty successfully.


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